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Caution: This game is downright terrifying!

Clock TowerPlaystationAscii1997B-
CondemnedXbox 360Sega2005B+
Dead SpacePlaystation 3Electronic Arts2008A-
Fatal FramePlaystation 2Tecmo2001B+
Fatal Frame 2: Director's CutXboxTecmo2004C+
Resident EvilGameCubeCapcom2002A-
Resident EvilPlaystationCapcom1996A
Resident Evil 2Nintendo 64Capcom1998A
Resident Evil 4GameCubeCapcom2005A+
Resident Evil 4: Wii EditionWiiCapcom2007B
Resident Evil Director's CutPlaystationCapcom1997A
Silent HillPlaystationKonami2000A
Silent Hill 2Playstation 2Konami2001B+
Silent Hill 3Playstation 2Konami2003B
Silent Hill: HomecomingXbox 360Konami2008B+

Total: 16

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