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Game supports voice synthesis (Intellivision) or voice recognition (microphone).

Attack of the Time LordOdyssey 2Magnavox1982B-
B-17 BomberIntellivisionMattel1982A-
Berzerk Voice EnhancedAtari 2600Atari Age2002A-
Beyond Castle WolfensteinCommodore 64Muse Software1984C+
Bomb SquadIntellivisionMattel1982C
Disney Sing ItPlaystation 2Disney2008B
Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3Playstation 2Disney2009B
Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3WiiDisney2009B-
Hey You, Pikachu!Nintendo 64Nintendo2000F
High Water Patrol/Sea Rescue Voice EditionOdyssey 2Rafael Cardoso2013B
Hot LoveOdyssey 2Rafael Cardoso2012C-
K.C.'s Krazy ChaseOdyssey 2Magnavox1982A
Killer BeesOdyssey 2Magnavox1983A
Mario Party 7GameCubeNintendo2005D+
P.T. Barnum's AcrobatsOdyssey 2Magnavox1980D
QuadrunAtari 2600Atari1983C-
SameGame and RobotsIntellivisionMike Hayes2005B+
SmithereensOdyssey 2Magnavox1981A
Space SpartansIntellivisionMattel1982B
Tron Solar SailorIntellivisionMattel1982F
TurtlesOdyssey 2Magnavox1983A-
World Series Major League BaseballIntellivisionMattel1983C

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