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2016/5/27: NES: Karnov, Defenders of Dynatron City, Terminator 2: Judgement Day

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2016/5/24: Genesis: Outrun, Newman Haas IndyCar Featuring Nigel Mansell, Mario Andretti Racing

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2016/5/21: Wii U: Star Fox Guard, Star Fox Zero

For me the term RPG (role playing game) paints images of anime characters and turn-based action. But Dragon's Dogma is a modern RPG where everything plays out right before your eyes. You directly control one character while issuing orders to the other members of your party. In addition to...
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2016/5/19: Playstation 3: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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2016/5/15: SG-1000: Pop Flamer, Sega-Galaga, Champion Ice Hockey

Finally - a 3DS cartridge worth getting excited about! This excellent compilation does what Sega should have been doing for the last decade, which is leverage their substantial (and long dormant) back catalog. Sega 3D Classics Collection offers nine games originally from the...
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2016/5/12: Nintendo 3DS: Sega 3D Classics Collection

2016/5/8: Atari 2600: Space Cavern, Titan Axe, Zippy the Porcupine

2016/5/5: Turbografx-16: Outrun (Japan), Download 2 (Japan) (CD)

2016/5/3: Playstation Vita: Spy Hunter

2016/4/29: Atari XEGS: Protector, Encounter, Zeppelin

2016/4/26: Playstation 4: Call of Duty: Black Ops III, MLB The Show 16

2016/4/24: Nintendo 64: Big Mountain 2000, Mickey's Speedway USA

2016/4/21: Wii U: Splatoon

2016/4/18: Game Boy Advance: Road Rash Jailbreak, Sega Rally Championship

2016/4/14: Playstation 3: Nier

2016/4/12: Xbox: Worms 3D, Worms Forts Under Siege

2016/4/9: Playstation: Tempest X3, Rollcage

2016/4/6: Wii U: Star Ghost

2016/4/3: NES: Jordan vs. Bird: One on One, Tecmo NBA Basketball, Mighty Bomb Jack

2016/4/1: Xbox One: Dead or Alive Backgammon

2016/3/29: Dreamcast: Omikron: The Nomad Soul

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