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2018/4/16: NES: Dizzy the Adventurer, Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The

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2018/4/12: Game Gear: Spider-Man, Sonic Drift 2

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2018/4/10: Super Nintendo: Q*bert 3, Legend

I tend to hop from one game to the next but Axiom Verge became an instant obsession. I still can't get over how finely-crafted and inventive this sci-fi platfomer is. Though obviously a Metroid clone, Axiom Verge out-Metroids every Metroid game ever made. Its gorgeously-pixelated 16-bit graphics...
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2018/4/7: Nintendo Switch: Axiom Verge

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2018/4/5: Xbox 360: Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7

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2018/4/3: Arcadia 2001: Parashooter, Golf

It's tempting to dismiss this game as a joke, but once you play Distracted Driver you'll admit this is pretty clever. In the old days of commuting you kept your hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and listened to the radio. But today's drivers are forced to deal with a myriad of pressing...
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2018/4/1: Playstation 4: Distracted Driver

This disappointing sequel to the classic River City Ransom (NES, 1988) falls into a familiar trap. It's not enough to have the same basic ingredients; you need the right blend. Tokyo Rumble offers more missions, stages, moves, characters, and some pretty good music. But story makes no...
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2018/3/30: Nintendo 3DS: River City: Tokyo Rumble

2018/3/26: Atari XEGS: Pole Position, Crystal Castles

2018/3/22: Turbografx-16: Space Harrier, Turrican

2018/3/20: Playstation: Krazy Ivan, MTV Pure Ride

2018/3/18: Tiger Henry, Lights Out

2018/3/15: Colecovision: Chuck Norris Superkicks

2018/3/12: Playstation 4: Mark McMorris Infinite Air

2018/3/9: Atari 2600: Chuck Norris Superkicks

2018/3/6: Atari XEGS: Downhill, King Tut's Tomb

2018/3/4: Playstation 2: Salt Lake 2002

2018/3/2: Lynx: APB, Gordo 106

2018/2/27: Playstation 4: Deadpool, Pinball Arcade Season 2

2018/2/24: Bally Astrocade: Castle of Horror, Sea Devil, Bowling

2018/2/21: Genesis: Battle Squadron, Zany Golf

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