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2016/7/25: Atari 2600: Swordquest Waterworld, Summer Games

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2016/7/23: Sega Master System: Great Golf, Parlour Games, Captain Silver

I thought I had had my fill of Lego games (which are all pretty much the same) but my unbridled love for everything Jurassic Park convinced me to buy this. Lego Jurassic World covers all four movies for Pete's sake! Its simplistic graphics are to be expected, but the loose collision...
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2016/7/20: Playstation 4: Lego Jurassic World

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2016/7/16: Super Nintendo: Jack Nicklaus Golf, PGA Tour Golf, Lester the Unlikely

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2016/7/13: SG-1000: Congo Bongo, Star Force

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2016/7/9: GameCube: Looney Tunes: Back in Action, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

The CD-i isn't known for its sports games but International Tennis Open is an eye-opener. Its photorealistic graphics and digitized audio far exceed anything else in the 16-bit era when it was released. Each court (grass, clay, hard) looks real and the tilted overhead viewing angle is just right....
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2016/7/6: Philips CD-i: International Tennis Open

With its lifelike graphics, dramatic acting, and cinematic storytelling Uncharted 4: A Thief's End toes the line between video game and interactive movie. I might have a problem with the lengthy cut-scenes if they weren't so damn good! The clever, well-written dialog rivals that of a major...
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2016/6/26: Playstation 4: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

2016/6/24: Genesis: McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Summer Challenge, Olympic Summer Games

2016/6/21: Playstation 3: Tales of Xillia

2016/6/18: Xbox 360: Monkey Island Special Edition Collection

2016/6/15: Playstation: Tigershark, Rollcage Stage II

2016/6/12: Nintendo 64: F-1 Formula One World Grand Prix, Top Gear Overdrive

2016/6/8: 3DO: Family Feud

2016/6/5: Turbografx-16: Davis Cup Tennis, World Court Tennis, World Sports Competition

2016/5/31: Xbox One: Doom

2016/5/27: NES: Karnov, Defenders of Dynatron City, Terminator 2: Judgement Day

2016/5/24: Genesis: Outrun, Newman Haas IndyCar Featuring Nigel Mansell, Mario Andretti Racing

2016/5/21: Wii U: Star Fox Guard, Star Fox Zero

2016/5/19: Playstation 3: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

2016/5/15: SG-1000: Pop Flamer, Sega-Galaga, Champion Ice Hockey

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