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2015/12/26: Philips CD-i: Caesars World of Gambling, Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia

7th Guest, TheD
Alien GateC-
Apprentice, TheC
Caesars World of GamblingC
Chaos ControlD
Compton's Interactive EncyclopediaNA
Dark CastleF
Dragon's LairA-
Dragon's Lair II: TimewarpD
Golden Oldies IC+
Golden Oldies IIB
Great American Golf 2F
Hotel MarioC+
Jack Sprite vs. the Crimson GhostF
Link: The Faces of EvilC-
Litil DivilC-
Lost Ride, TheD+
Mad Dog McCreeF
Mega MazeC-
Merlin's ApprenticeD+
Mutant RampageB-
Mystic Midway Phantom ExpressD-
Mystic Midway Rest In PiecesC-
NFL Hall of FameC
NFL Instant ReplayA
Name That TuneD-
Palm Springs OpenC
Power HitterF
Shark AlertNA
Space RangerNA
Thunder in ParadiseB-
Video SpeedwayF
Whack A BubbleC
Xplora 1: Peter Gabriel's Secret WorldNA
Zelda: The Wand of GamelonC

Total Philips CD-i reviews: 42

Screen shots courtesy of Old Games, Dimo's Quest, The Black Moon Project, YouTube


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