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2018/4/23: Genesis: Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, NBA Action 95

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2018/4/20: Dreamcast: Rush Rush Rally Racing DX, Rush Rush Rally Reloaded

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2018/4/16: NES: Dizzy the Adventurer, Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The

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2018/4/12: Game Gear: Spider-Man, Sonic Drift 2

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2018/4/10: Super Nintendo: Q*bert 3, Legend


2018/4/7: Nintendo Switch: Axiom Verge

2018/4/5: Xbox 360: Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7

2018/4/3: Arcadia 2001: Parashooter, Golf

2018/4/1: Playstation 4: Distracted Driver

2018/3/30: Nintendo 3DS: River City: Tokyo Rumble

2018/3/26: Atari XEGS: Pole Position, Crystal Castles

2018/3/22: Turbografx-16: Space Harrier, Turrican

2018/3/20: Playstation: Krazy Ivan, MTV Pure Ride

2018/3/18: Tiger Henry, Lights Out

2018/3/15: Colecovision: Chuck Norris Superkicks

2018/3/12: Playstation 4: Mark McMorris Infinite Air

2018/3/9: Atari 2600: Chuck Norris Superkicks

2018/3/6: Atari XEGS: Downhill, King Tut's Tomb

2018/3/4: Playstation 2: Salt Lake 2002

2018/3/2: Lynx: APB, Gordo 106

2018/2/27: Playstation 4: Deadpool, Pinball Arcade Season 2


VGC News

Mar 6: I updated my Video Game Movie Page to include reviews of King of Kong and Man Vs. Snake.

Feb 24: Made extensive updates to my Glossary of Video Game Terms.

Feb 4: Super Retrocade review.

Jan 20: Worst 50 Console Games of All Time.


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