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2015/11/1: Sega CD: 3 Ninjas Kick Back, Flink

3 Ninjas Kick BackC+
AH-3 ThunderstrikeD
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Eye of the BeholderB
Afterburner IIIF
Android AssaultB
Animals, TheD
Batman ReturnsA-
Batman and RobinD
Battle FrenzyD
Bill Walsh College FootballB-
Blackhole AssaultF
Bram Stoker's DraculaC
Bug BlastersD-
Burning FistsC-
Chuck Rock II: Son of ChuckB+
Citizen XC+
Cobra CommandC
Corpse KillerD-
Demolition ManB-
Double SwitchC-
Dracula UnleashedD
Dragon's LairC
ESPN National Hockey NightC+
ESPN Sunday Night FootballB-
Ecco The DolphinB-
Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark SideC+
Final Fight CDA
Formula One World Championship: Beyond the LimitF
Ground Zero TexasD+
Heart of the AlienF
INXS - Make My VideoD
Jaguar XJ220B-
Joe Montana's NFL FootballF
Jurassic ParkD
Keio Flying SquadronB
Lethal EnforcersB-
Lethal Enforcers II: GunfightersC+
Links: The Challenge of GolfF
Lords of ThunderB-
Mansion of Hidden SoulsB
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My VideoF
Mary Shelley's FrankensteinF
Masked RiderB+
Midnight RaidersC-
Mighty Morphin Power RangersC
Mortal KombatD
NFL Football Trivia ChallengeD-
NHL '94B+
Night TrapB+
Popful MailA-
Power Factory Featuring C&C Music FactoryD
Prince of PersiaF
Prize FighterF
Racing AcesF
Revengers of VengeanceF-
Rise of the DragonC
Road AvengerB+
Road RashB-
Robo AlesteB+
Samurai ShodownD-
Secret of Monkey Island, TheC+
Sewer SharkD
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting DetectiveD-
Sonic CDB-
Soul StarC
Spiderman vs. the KingpinB+
Star StrikeD+
Star Wars ChessC-
Star Wars: Rebel AssaultF
Supreme WarriorF
Surgical StrikeB+
Time GalD
Tomcat AlleyC+
Trivial Pursuit Interactive Multimedia GameF
Willy Beamish, The Adventures ofD
Wonder DogC

Total Sega CD reviews: 90

Screen shots courtesy of Shinforce, Sega CD Universe, Moby Games

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