The Video Game Critic's Street Fighter 2 Battle

By Dave, The Video Game Critic

Recently I made a new friend at work named Chris S., and as soon as he discovered my interest in video games, he started bragging about how he was the best Street Fighter 2 player EVER. He basically said he had played it every day since he was born (a claim I found suspicious) and guaranteed he could whip my butt in it any day. Well, having been a Street Fighter 2 fan since 1992, I decided it was time to put this young punk in his place. Enough is enough, so we scheduled a Street Fighter 2 tournament at my house after work, the winner being crowned the "Street Fighter Champion of the Universe". A number of friends from work attended to bear witness the spectacle of a lifetime. As you can tell in the first two pictures, we were poised and ready for action.

The rules were "best of three" matches, all with different characters. The first match was between the fighters of our choice. The next match was between the second characters of our choice, and the third, if necessary, was random.

The version of Street Fighter 2 selected was "Hyper Fighting" (PS2), but I would live to regret that. Chris had cut his teeth on the arcade version, but my experience was mainly with the SNES version. I didn't think it mattered much at the time, because on any given day, no one can beat me at the game - I've been undefeated for years.

Well, as I learned that day, tempting fate is a bad idea. Chris methodically kicked my ass, winning the first two games. The first match-up was Ryu Vs Ryu, which he won 2-0. The second match was Blanka (me) Vs. Chun Li (Chris), which I lost 2-1. Being the good sport that I am, I agreed to pose for the "after" pictures as well. You may notice that our poses mimmick the characters in the game.

Defeated but undetered, I vowed that there will be a rematch in the future, only this time it will be with the SNES version. And then, only then, revenge shall be MINE. [insert diabolical laughter here].

The creature is driven by rage! Here you see me about to deliver a devastating Dragon Punch. Too bad I look like a total dork in my work clothes!
You can't tell by this still picture, but I was actually in the process of executing a flying hurricane kick when this was taken.
A victorious Chris towers over his disgraced opponent. Note the Ken and Blanka poses.
Chris strikes the alternate Ryu pose, as I do my best Guile-after-he-got-his-ass-kicked imitation.

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