Jeff Staple's New Line of Airwalk Sneakers

Reviewed by The Video Game Critic

If you've ever seen Entourage on HBO, you may recall the "What About Bob" episode (Season 3) where Turtle and Vince went to great lengths to secure a pair of extremely rare sneakers designed by graffiti artist Fukujama. The guy who played Fukujama is Jeff Staple, founder of a NYC based streetwear company. He has a new line of Airwalk sneakers now selling at Payless Shoe stores in the very reasonable $30-$50 price range.

I was personally asked to review these shoes, which makes a lot of sense, since I'm a video game critic. My wife got a pair also.

I had my choice of shoes. Originally I was looking for a flashy pair of sneakers that would help me relive my old Pimp of the Year glory days. My wife did not share this vision and made me select a more understated design.

REVIEW: I went with a high-top shoe that's really a double threat. Not only is it comfortable and stylish enough to wear while running around town, but it looks normal enough to wear on a casual work day. They look good whether you're wearing shorts, jeans, or khakis. I recently dined at the Lebanese Taverna in Baltimore, and my waiter noticed my shoes and asked me about them.

The shoes are well constructed and made of a soft leather that really makes your feet feel warm and cozy. Mine came with both black and red shoelaces, and I prefer the red ones because they really stand out. My only complaint is that these aren't the kind of shoes you can easily slip on and off. I have to wrestle with them a bit.

Terrain Hi Skate (MEN) product description:
This Nordic hiker-meets-vintage-basketball shoe by designer jeffstaple is inspired by the fact that before skate shoes existed, a lot of skaters used basketball shoes for the sport. It features a genuine and faux leather upper, two-tone skate laces and a cushiony tongue, collar and insole for comfort. Leather and manmade materials.

REVIEW: My wife's pair are a little more sporty, offering a cool gray and teal checkered design (teal is a color? Who knew?). According to her this is a very versatile shoe that you can wear whether you dress up or dress down. She describes the shoes as "cute" and has received many compliments from co-workers and friends. While wearing these shoes over the course of a weekend, my wife described them as "on par with a pair of Clarks™". She says this shoe is a "must-have" for any fashion-conscious female.

50/50 Tech Skate (WOMEN) product description:
This technical skate shoe by designer jeffstaple is infused with a lumberjack aesthetic using inlayed buffalo plaid canvas to evoke the shared qualities of the great outdoors. It features genuine and faux leather accents, a cushiony tongue, collar and insole for comfort, breathable mesh lining and a non-marking, skid resistant outsole. Fabric, leather and manmade materials.

Here are a few other designs you can find at your local Payless:

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