How My Domain Was Stolen

By The Video Game Critic

I've been running my video game review site for over three years now, gradually increasing the number of reviews to 1700 and attracting over 1200 visitors per day. Imagine the horror when I tried to look for my site at, only to find some pathetic gambling site in its place! How did I feel? It was a combination of alarm, anger, depression, and frustration. Although my site is basically a hobby, I had put a lot of effort into it and had worked hard to gain my reader base.

How could this happen? Very easily. My domain had simply expired, because I forgot to renew and I was never notified that it was about to expire. I probably would have recieved some notices from my host site (OLM), but my email address had changed (thanks to Comcast) and I never updated it with OLM.

Now normally a mediocre domain name like would have gone unclaimed, except for the fact that it was so highly ranked in Google. But unfortunately, there are sleazy operations out there who prey on people like myself. In this case, it was some Hong Kong based company who snagged my domain and pointed it to some pathetic gambling site. The registered owner is now Ultimate Search, and their email address is

I decided to set up shop at which I just acquired. Note that I dropped the "the" from the URL, because I like the shorter version. However, I did also reserve the name since a lot of people are probably used to typing the "the".

My biggest headache now is fixing all those outdated links out there and also regaining my rank in Google. Please do me a favor and notify any site that is still pointing to my old URL. There isn't much I can do about the search engines, but in time they will correct themselves.

The damage has been done, but hopefully the site will be back up to full force soon. Thanks for your support!

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