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Not to be written off as just another cute anime platformer, Son Son II is insanely fun and surprisingly deep. The main character is a monkey-boy who pokes enemies with a bo-staff to turn them into fruit. If you use the turbo function on the controller (and why the hell wouldn't you?) you...
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2013/10/10: Turbografx-16: Son Son II (Japan)

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Review index for Turbografx-16:Sort Names
Galaga '90NEC1990A+
Gate of Thunder (CD)Hudson Soft1992A+
Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (CD) (Japan)Konami1993A
Devil's CrushNEC1990A
Legendary Axe IINEC1990A
Lords of Thunder (CD)Hudson Soft1993A
RaidenHudson Soft1991A
Bonk's AdventureNEC1990A-
Bonk's RevengeNEC1991A-
Buster Bros (CD)Hudson1993A-
Jackie Chan's Action Kung FuHudson Soft1992A-
Military MadnessNEC1990A-
Blazing LazersNEC1989B+
Bloody WolfNEC1990B+
Bonk III: Bonk's Big AdventureNEC1993B+
Dead MoonNatsume1991B+
NeutopiaHudson Soft1990B+
Side ArmsRadiance1989B+
Soldier BladeHudson Soft1992B+
Son Son II (Japan)NEC1989B+
Super Star SoldierHudson Soft1991B+
Addams Family, The (CD)NEC1991B
Aero BlastersNEC1990B
Air ZonkHudson Soft1992B
Fantasy ZoneNEC1989B
Forgotten Worlds (CD)NEC1992B
John Madden Duo CD FootballElectronic Arts1993B
Ninja SpiritNEC1990B
Time CruiseFace1992B
China WarriorNEC1989B-
Godzilla (CD)Hudson Soft1993B-
Legendary AxeNEC1989B-
Power GolfHudson1989B-
Cyber-CoreIGN Soft1990C+
Formation Armed F (Japan)Big Don1990C+
It Came From The Desert (CD)NEC1992C+
Samurai GhostNamco1992C+
Dragon SpiritNEC1989C
Prince of Persia (CD)Hudson Soft1992C
Splash Lake (CD)NEC1992C
TerraformingRight Stuff1991C
Victory RunNEC1989C
Final Lap TwinNEC1989C-
Legend of Hero TonmaIrem1993C-
Magical Chase (Japan)Palsoft1991C-
Fighting Street (CD)NEC1989D+
Nightmare CreaturesNEC1992D+
PsychosisNexat Soft1990D+
Riot Zone (CD)Hudson1993D+
TV Sports FootballCinemaware1991D+
Takin' It To The HoopNEC1989D+
World Class BaseballNEC1989D+
World Sports CompetitionHudson Soft1993D+
Alien CrushNEC1989D
Davis Cup TennisNEC1991D
Deep BlueNEC1989D
Double DungeonsNEC1990D
Somer AssaultAtlus1992D
Tiger RoadVictor1990D
Valis III (CD)Telenet1991D
Keith Courage in Alpha ZonesNEC1989D-
Strip Fighter II (Japan)GameExpress1993D-
TV Sports HockeyNEC1991D-
Ghost ManorTurbo Tech1992F
Silent DebuggersData East1991F
Sonic Spike VolleyballIGS1990F
TV Sports BasketballNEC1990F
Yo BroNEC1991F

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