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3-D Tetris would seem a natural fit for the Virtual Boy. Tetris is a Nintendo staple, and this system is specifically designed for 3D graphics. As you can guess, the blocks in this game are three dimensional and the player can manipulate them in a number of ways. The Virtual Boy's ability to...
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2014/9/6: Virtual Boy: 3-D Tetris

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3-D TetrisT&E Software1996F
Galactic PinballNintendo1995A
GolfT&E Soft1995C
Jack Bros. (Japan)Atlus1995D
Mario ClashNintendo1995A
Mario TennisNintendo1995B+
Nester's Funky BowlingNintendo1996A
Panic BomberHudson Soft1995C
Red AlarmT&E Soft1995F
TeleroboxerT&E Soft1995B+
V-TetrisBulletproof Software1995F
Vertical ForceNintendo1995D
Virtual Fishing (Japan)THQ1995D
Virtual League BaseballKemco1995B
Wario LandNintendo1995A

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