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If ever there was ever a slow-burn video game it's Hollow Knight. For the first hour or two you might even regret purchasing such a bland, melancholy platformer. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. I've clocked in over 37 hours playing this - more than any other game in recent...
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2019/4/20: Nintendo Switch: Hollow Knight

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2019/4/17: Atari XEGS: River Raid, Operation Blood: Light Gun Version

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2019/4/14: NES: Final Fantasy (Guest Review), Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom

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2019/4/11: Playstation: Midnight Run (Japan), Cardinal Syn

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2019/4/4: Super Nintendo: Bazooka Blitzkrieg, NCAA Final Four Basketball

Well, it's official: Sid Meier has lost his [expletive] mind!! After a much-publicized falling out with former Civ publisher 2K Games (ascribed to "philosophical differences") Sid plotted his own course, publishing this long-awaited (and highly controversial) Flat Earth Edition. You...
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2019/4/1: Xbox One: Sid Meier's Civilization: Flat Earth Edition

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2019/3/29: Genesis: Puggsy, Coach K College Basketball

I hate when a series reverts to its original name instead of using a number or subtitle. I mean, this franchise has had a lot of sequels and the original God of War (PS2, 2005) really isn't that old! That said, the formula was wearing thin so a change was needed. Kratos is now older, sporting a...
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2019/3/26: Playstation 4: God of War

2019/3/23: Sega CD: Who Shot Johnny Rock?, Ultraverse Prime

2019/3/20: Nintendo 64: Super Mario 64, Namco Museum 64

2019/3/18: Sega Master System: Flash, The (Europe)

2019/3/13: Jaguar: Fast Food 64 (CD), Ants (CD)

2019/3/10: Atari 2600: Fast Food, Dishaster

2019/3/8: Playstation 3: Aliens: Colonial Marines, Wonderbook: Book of Potions

2019/3/5: Dreamcast: Namco Museum, Alice Dreams Tournament

2019/3/2: Genesis: Valis, Exo Squad

2019/2/28: Turbografx-16: Valis II (CD), Valis (CD)

2019/2/24: Nintendo Switch: Mutant Football League

2019/2/22: Sega CD: Crime Patrol, Iron Helix

2019/2/20: Playstation 4: Soul Calibur VI

2019/2/17: 3DO: Crime Patrol

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