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2020/12/4: Neo Geo: Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge, Samurai Shodown V

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2020/12/2: Neo Geo: Samurai Shodown, Samurai Shodown 2, Samurai Shodown 3

It took me a long time to give Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt a try, probably because I associate the term "scavenger hunt" with "wild goose chase". I wasn't far off. The title screen plays a fine rendition of the Addams Family theme so true to the original I expected voices to kick in! Based on a...
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2020/11/30: Super Nintendo: Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt, The

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2020/11/27: NES: Yo! Noid, The Rocketeer

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2020/11/24: Genesis: Truxton, Disney's Pocahontas

I have to give this first-person adventure credit for embodying the Blair Witch mythos better than I ever thought possible. It captures every single element from the films, from getting lost in the woods to mysterious symbols to cryptic video tape footage. I was instantly taken in by the game's...
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2020/11/21: Playstation 4: Blair Witch

I tried this one on a whim but soon found myself totally into it! Based on a series of kid books, I Spy Spooky Mansion is a well-crafted game of find-the-hidden-and-not-so-hidden-items. You've been locked inside a haunted house with a friendly skeleton who supplies a series of puzzles to help you...
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2020/11/18: Wii: I Spy Spooky Mansion

Beautiful in its simplicity, this futuristic shooter puts you in a series of electrified mazes patrolled by killer robots. These mechanic beasts look pretty ominous with their oscillating eyes. Fortunately they aren't very smart, often colliding with each other. It's not hard to lure them into a...
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2020/11/15: Atari 5200: Berzerk

2020/11/13: Nintendo DS: Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush

2020/11/10: Playstation 4: The Bunker

2020/11/7: Atari 2600: Galagon

2020/11/4: Odyssey 2: Armored Encounter/Sub Chase

2020/10/31: Playstation: NCAA Football 99

2020/10/28: NES: Nightmare on Elm St

2020/10/25: Playstation 4: Friday the 13th: The Game

2020/10/23: Bally Astrocade: Look Out For The Bull, Soccer

2020/10/20: Playstation 4: Resident Evil

2020/10/18: Playstation 4: PGA Tour 2K21

2020/10/16: Turbografx-16: Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu

2020/10/12: Playstation 4: MediEvil

2020/10/9: Genesis: Chakan: The Forever Man, Beyond Oasis

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