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I was tempted to refer to Captain Tomaday as a vertical shooter but technically this is a vertical puncher. You're some kind of tomato superhero flying over towns while beating up formations of bats, jack-o-lanterns, robots, rubber duckies, and other random flying objects. Your rapidfire...
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2020/9/26: Neo Geo: Captain Tomaday

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2020/9/22: NES: Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu, Kirby's Adventure

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2020/9/19: Wii: No More Heroes, No More Heroes 2

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2020/9/15: Playstation 2: Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Maximo Vs. Army of Zin

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2020/9/12: Atari 2600: Arkyology, Astro War, Seawolf

Let me begin by stating the presentation of Darkest Dungeon (DD) is second to none. Every character model is hand-drawn in a gothic storybook style, making it feel like you're playing an Edgar Allen Poe story. The dungeons are appropriately creepy with atmosphere thick enough to cut with a knife....
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2020/9/10: Playstation 4: Darkest Dungeon (Guest Review)

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2020/9/7: Genesis: PGA Tour Golf, Leader Board Golf

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2020/9/4: Atari XEGS: M.U.L.E., Mail Order Monsters

2020/9/1: Wii: Oregon Trail: 40th Anniversary Edition

2020/8/29: Nintendo Switch: Streets of Rage 4

2020/8/22: NES: Athena, Adventures of Dino-Riki, Joe & Mac

2020/8/19: Atari 2600: Flag Capture, Kool-Aid Man, Motocross Racer

2020/8/16: Playstation: Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider III

2020/8/13: Intellivision: Space Battle, Battlestar Galactica Space Battle

2020/8/10: Nintendo 3DS: Steel Diver, Wipeout 2

2020/8/7: Playstation 4: Late Shift

2020/8/5: Playstation: Grand Slam, Pepsiman (Japan)

2020/8/3: Vectrex: Narrow Escape, Vectrex Frogger, Marine Fox

2020/7/31: Nintendo Switch: River City Girls

2020/7/29: Sega CD: Prince of Persia, Wild Woody

2020/7/26: Super Nintendo: The Rocketeer, The Flintstones

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