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2018/10/11: Genesis: Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi, Incredible Crash Dummies, The

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2018/10/7: Atari 2600: Sneak n' Peek, Spider-Man

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2018/10/2: Playstation: Medievil II, Dracula: The Resurrection

This "new" release is actually the Japanese version of Super Double Dragon (Tradewest, 1992). I think you'll find Return of Double Dragon to be technically superior and substantially more fun. It offers more moves, bigger stages, extra music, better balance, and a handy option menu. This is a...
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2018/9/28: Super Nintendo: Return of Double Dragon

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2018/9/25: Playstation 4: Dark Souls 3, Salt and Sanctuary

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2018/9/23: Sega Master System: Great Volleyball, Dynamite Dux

What. The. Hell. Porting arcade hits from 1983 to the Game Boy Advance shouldn't be a challenge, so how do you explain this dumpster fire? The original Spy Hunter (Colecovision, 1984) was a James Bond-style overhead racer that let you machine-gun cars ahead and dump oil on those behind. The...
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2018/9/21: Game Boy Advance: Spy Hunter / Super Sprint

Dracula: The Undead (not to be confused with Dracula the Florist) is one of those point-and-click adventures except you walk around instead moving a cursor. You need to examine everything and solve problems by combining items in the most unlikely ways. The intro features Bram Stoker sitting in...
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2018/9/18: Lynx: Dracula: The Undead

2018/9/14: Playstation 4: Madden NFL 19, Tempest 4000

2018/9/11: Nintendo Switch: Sonic Mania Plus

2018/9/9: Genesis: Rolling Thunder 2, Rolling Thunder 3

2018/9/5: NES: Rolling Thunder, Toobin'

2018/9/1: Virtual Boy: Space Invaders Virtual Collection (Japan), Virtual Bowling (Japan)

2018/8/28: Sega Master System: Aztec Adventure, Submarine Attack (Europe)

2018/8/26: Playstation 2: Escape From Monkey Island, The Mummy Returns

2018/8/23: Playstation 4: RBI Baseball 18, Surf World Series

2018/8/20: Sega 32X: RBI Baseball '95

2018/8/17: Turbografx-16: Moto Roader, Super Volleyball

2018/8/12: Super Nintendo: Sunset Riders, Prehistorik Man

2018/8/10: Playstation: The Mummy, The Simpsons Wrestling

2018/8/7: Genesis: Sunset Riders, Jurassic Park

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