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2021/5/11: Turbografx-16: Deep Blue, World Class Baseball

In order to complete my set of 32X reviews I had to resort to a reproduction cartridge. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Otherwise I would have never been able to experience the technical splendor of this rare 3D shooter, released only...
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2021/5/8: Sega 32X: Darxide (Europe)

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2021/5/5: Atari XEGS: Castle Wolfenstein, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

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2021/5/2: Genesis: StormLord, Phantom 2040

Arriving over 30 years after Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones (NES, 1990), this sequel retains a classic 8-bit style with small, squat characters. It's an old-fashioned, side-scrolling beat-em-up just like momma used to make.

After their...
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2021/4/29: Playstation 4: Double Dragon IV

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2021/4/26: Atari 2600: Asteroids, Defender

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2021/4/21: Atari XEGS: Space Invaders, Food Fight

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2021/4/18: Odyssey 2: Out Of This World/Helicopter Rescue, War of Nerves

2021/4/15: Intellivision: Lady Bug, Dreadnaught Factor

2021/4/13: Playstation 3: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (Guest Review)

2021/4/10: Genesis: Predator 2, Tom and Jerry: Frantic Antics

2021/4/7: Atari 2600: Power Lords, Double Dunk

2021/4/4: Arcadia 2001: Battle, Funky Fish

2021/4/1: Playstation 4: NCAA Football 21

2021/3/28: Game Boy Advance: 007: Everything Or Nothing

2021/3/25: Playstation 4: Star Wars: Battlefront II

2021/3/22: Nintendo Switch: Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove, Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl

2021/3/19: Xbox: Psychonauts

2021/3/16: NES: After Burner, X-Men

2021/3/13: Atari 2600: Moon Patrol, Moonsweeper

2021/3/10: 3DO: Off-World Interceptor, Blade Force

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