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2019/11/12: Commodore 64: Seven Cities of Gold, The, Gunship!

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2019/11/9: Genesis: Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie, The, Mighty Max

Hell is a point-and-click adventure that's just weird enough to be compelling. It's set in a future dystopian Washington DC that's linked to Hell. The opening credits boast big-name actors like Dennis Hopper and Grace Jones, giving the game instant street cred. Like many early CD titles Hell...
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2019/11/6: 3DO: Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller

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2019/11/2: NES: Touchdown Fever, Gargoyle's Quest II

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2019/10/29: Nintendo Switch: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Through the Eyes of the Monster is an obscure Saturn title only released in Europe. It's one of those oddities you hear bits and pieces about but have never met anyone who's actually played the thing. The box is thin and made of rigid black plastic - a far cry from the fragile clear...
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2019/10/25: Saturn: Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster (Europe)

The Adventures of Dr. Franken is a mediocre platformer starring a hip, zany version of the Frankenstein monster. You know he's cool because he's dressed in beachwear including sandals and shades. The unlikely premise is that Frankenstein is taking his girlfriend on a vacation to New York City and...
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2019/10/22: Super Nintendo: Dr. Franken, The Adventures of

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2019/10/16: Atari XEGS: Asteroids, Getaway!

2019/10/12: Nintendo Switch: Star Wars Pinball

2019/10/9: Playstation: Lucky Luke, Looney Tunes Racing

2019/10/6: Atari 2600: Warlords, Medieval Mayhem

2019/10/2: Super Nintendo: Power Instinct, Frogger

2019/9/28: Bally Astrocade: Artillery Duel, Pseudo-ku 2008

2019/9/25: Game Gear: G-Loc Air Battle, Aerial Assault

2019/9/22: Nintendo Switch: Horizon Chase Turbo, Dragon's Lair Trilogy

2019/9/20: Jaguar: JagZombies (CD), Saucer Wars (CD)

2019/9/17: Playstation 4: The Golf Club 2019, Madden NFL 20

2019/9/14: Genesis: James Pond: Underwater Agent, Talespin

2019/9/11: Intellivision: Beamrider, Spiker Super Pro Volleyball

2019/9/7: Turbografx-16: New Adventure Island, Camp California (CD)

2019/9/4: Game Boy Color: The Mummy, The Mummy Returns

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