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2020/8/13: Intellivision: Space Battle, Battlestar Galactica Space Battle

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2020/8/10: Nintendo 3DS: Steel Diver, Wipeout 2

When full-motion video (FMV) games hit the scene in the early 90s they were hampered by grainy video and clunky controls. The idea was to let the player interact with real video footage to varying degrees. The genre quickly came and went but recently experienced a minor resurgence. This new...
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2020/8/7: Playstation 4: Late Shift

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2020/8/5: Playstation: Grand Slam, Pepsiman (Japan)

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2020/8/3: Vectrex: Narrow Escape, Vectrex Frogger, Marine Fox

You have to love this amazing new side-scrolling brawler inspired by the old classic River City Ransom (NES, 1988). Though River City Girls might be considered a tongue-in-cheek parody of the genre, it kicks ass with its exuberant style, laugh-out-loud humor, and unabashed old-school gameplay. As...
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2020/7/31: Nintendo Switch: River City Girls

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2020/7/29: Sega CD: Prince of Persia, Wild Woody

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2020/7/26: Super Nintendo: The Rocketeer, The Flintstones

2020/7/23: Game Boy: Choplifter II, Wave Race

2020/7/21: Wii: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

2020/7/18: Atari 2600: Cathouse Blues, Sub Scan

2020/7/16: Game Boy Advance: Cruis'n Velocity

2020/7/14: Saturn: Sega Ages

2020/7/12: Playstation: Elemental Gearbolt

2020/7/7: Atari 2600: Donald Duck's Speedboat, Dark Chambers

2020/7/4: NES: North and South

2020/7/2: Playstation 4: Maneater

2020/6/29: Xbox 360: Far Cry Instincts Predator, Catherine

2020/6/27: Super Nintendo: Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball, Fighting Baseball (Japan)

2020/6/25: Atari 5200: Xari Arena

2020/6/22: Genesis: Insector X, Pagemaster, The

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