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I've had a thing for full-motion video (FMV) games dating back to Night Trap (Sega CD, 1992). As an interactive psychological thriller, I Saw Black Clouds is downright terrifying. The first time through I could feel my hair stand on end and chills...
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2022/9/23: Playstation 4: I Saw Black Clouds

I've always enjoyed the platform adventures of this sassy half-genie but wondered what more could be done with the series. In Shantae and the Seven Sirens, six half-genies have been invited to a festival on a tropical island. All but Shantae are...
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2022/9/20: Nintendo Switch: Shantae and the Seven Sirens

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2022/9/15: Sega Master System: Shooting Gallery, Zaxxon 3-D

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2022/9/13: Game Gear: World Class Leader Board, Scratch Golf

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2022/9/11: Playstation: Jersey Devil, Surf Riders

True to its name, this has got to be the most sobering side-scrolling beat-em-up ever conceived. If Streets of Rage (Genesis, 1991) was reimagined by the director of the movie Seven, it might look like Mother Russia Bleeds. This game is bleak,...
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2022/9/9: Playstation 4: Mother Russia Bleeds

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2022/9/5: Super Nintendo: Dig & Spike Volleyball, Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow

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2022/9/3: Nintendo Switch: Mario Strikers: Battle League, Windjammers 2

2022/9/2: Intellivision: Shark! Shark!

2022/8/31: Nintendo Wii U: Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

2022/8/27: NES: Kung Fu, Days of Thunder, Stanley: The Search For Dr. Livingston

2022/8/25: Fairchild Channel F: Hangman, Slot Machine

2022/8/22: Sega Genesis: La Russa Baseball 95, Triple Play 96, Triple Play: Gold Edition

2022/8/20: NES: Skull & Crossbones, Battletoads/Double Dragon

2022/8/18: Sega Master System: Out Run, Out Run 3D (Europe)

2022/8/17: Game Boy Color: Mortal Kombat 4, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

2022/8/14: Atari 2600: Slot Machine, Pitfall, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

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