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Supreme Warrior for the Sega CD was flat-out horrible, so I didn't have much hope for this "enhanced" 32X edition. Especially considering the box and manual for both are identical (save for yellow trim instead of blue). The video quality does...
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2021/5/29: Sega 32X: Supreme Warrior (CD)

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After BurnerSega1994B
BC RacersCore1995F
Brutal Unleashed: Above the ClawGametek1995D
Corpse Killer (CD)Digital Pictures1994F
Cosmic CarnageSega1994F
Darxide (Europe)Sega1995C
Fahrenheit (CD)Sega1995D-
Golf Magazine Presents 36 Great HolesSega1994B+
Knuckles ChaotixSega1995D+
Mortal Kombat IIAcclaim1994A
Motocross ChampionshipSega1994F
NBA Jam Tournament EditionAcclaim1995A-
NFL Quarterback ClubAcclaim1995C+
Night Trap (CD)Digital Pictures1994A-
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureActivision1995D-
Primal RageSega1994C
RBI Baseball '95Time Warner1995B
Shadow SquadronSega1994B+
Slam City With Scotty Pippen (CD)Sega1995D
Space HarrierSega1994C+
Spider-Man: Web of FireSega1995B-
Star Trek Starfleet AcademySega1995F
Star Wars ArcadeLucasArts1994B
Supreme Warrior (CD)Digital Pictures1994F
Toughman ContestElectronic Arts1995B-
Virtua FighterSega1995A
Virtua Racing DeluxeSega1995A
WWF RawAcclaim1995D-
WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade GameAcclaim1995C+
World Series BaseballSega1995B+
Zaxxon Motherbase 2000Sega1995D-

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