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Up front I should mention Questron has some of the most face-meltingly awesome fantasy artwork to grace a box cover. There's a muscled barbarian riding a giant eagle and about to absolutely BURY his axe into some bad guy's ugly disembodied...
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2024/1/2 Commodore 64: Questron

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4th & InchesAccolade1987C+
50 Mission CrushStrategic Simulations Inc.1984D+
Agent USAScholastic Inc.1985B-
Airborne RangerMicroprose1987B+
ArchonElectronic Arts1983A
Beach Head II: The Dictator Strikes BackAccess Software1985C-
Beach-HeadAccess Software1983B
Beyond Castle WolfensteinMuse Software1984C+
Blue MaxSynapse Software1983B
Blue Max 2001Synapse Software1984D
Bruce LeeDatasoft1984A-
Castles of Doctor CreepBroderbund1984A+
Championship BaseballGamestar1986C-
CommandoData East1985C-
Computer AmbushStrategic Simulations Inc.1982D
Congo BongoSega1983D-
Crush, Crumble, and Chomp!Epyx1983C-
Forbidden ForestCosmi1983B-
Friday the 13thDomark Ltd.1985D
Howard the DuckActivision1986F
James Bond 007: The Living DaylightsDomark1987D
John Madden FootballElectronic Arts1989D-
Jumpman JuniorEpyx1983B+
Laser SquadTarget Games1988C+
Lode RunnerBroderbund1983B
MicroLeague BaseballMicroLeague1984B
Pitstop 2Epyx1984C-
Project FirestartElectronic Arts1989B+
Raid Over MoscowAccess Software1984B+
Raid on Bungeling BayBroderbund1984A
Red Storm RisingMicroprose1988A
Roadwar 2000Strategic Simulations Inc.1986C+
Rush 'n AttackKonami1985D+
Seven Cities of GoldElectronic Arts1984B-
Sid Meier's Pirates!Microprose1987A+
Space TaxiMuse Software1984A-
Strip PokerArtworx Software1984D+
Super SundayAvalon Hill1985B+
Super ZaxxonHesWare1984C
Sword of FargoalEpyx1983B-
The Dam BustersAccolade1985D-
The Last NinjaSystem 31987D-
Who Dares Wins IIAlligata Software1985C+
Winter GamesEpyx1985C-

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