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It's hard to get worked up about an arcade compilation with just three games, especially when Arcade Classics was released around the same time as Namco Museum Volume 1 (PS1, 1995). But when I fired up Galaxian I was like wow! I've been...
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2019/11/26: Philips CD-i: Arcade Classics

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7th Guest, TheVirgin1993D
A Great Day at the RacesPhilips1993C
Alien GatePhilips1993C-
Apprentice, ThePhilips1994C
Arcade ClassicsNamco1996B-
Caesars World of GamblingPhilips1990C
Chaos ControlPhilips1995D
Christmas CountryCreative Media1996D
Christmas CrisisPhilips1995A-
Compton's Interactive EncyclopediaPhilips1992NA
Dark CastleSilicon Beach1991F
Dragon's LairPhilips1994A-
Dragon's Lair II: TimewarpPhilips1994D
Escape From Cyber CityPhilips1992D
Golden Oldies IHacking Factory1997C+
Golden Oldies IIHacking Factory1997B
Great American Golf 2Xdra1994F
Hotel MarioPhilips1994C+
International Tennis OpenPhilips1994B
Jack Sprite vs. the Crimson GhostOldergames2003F
Link: The Faces of EvilPhilips1993C-
Litil DivilPhilips1994C-
Lost Ride, ThePhilips1998D+
Mad Dog McCreePhilips1993F
Mega MazePhilips1994C-
Merlin's ApprenticePhilips1995D+
Mutant RampagePhilips1994B-
Mystic Midway Phantom ExpressPhilips1993D-
Mystic Midway Rest In PiecesPhilips1992C-
NFL Hall of FamePhilips1994C
NFL Instant ReplayPhilips1994A
Name That TunePhilips1993D-
Palm Springs OpenPhilips1991C
Power HitterPhilips1992F
Shark AlertPhilips1993NA
Space AceDigital Video1993C+
Space RangerGood Deal Games2002NA
Thunder in ParadisePhilips1995B-
Video SpeedwayPhilips1992F
Whack A BubbleNew Frontier1997C
Xplora 1: Peter Gabriel's Secret WorldReal World Multimedia1995NA
Zelda: The Wand of GamelonPhilips1993C

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