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This arcade collection is loaded with 1990's-era games I've never even heard of! That could be a good or bad sign, but in this case it's quite good. Reading through the glossy color manual I discovered that Piko specializes in tracking down...
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2023/11/30 Evercade: Piko Interactive Arcade 1

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Atari Collection 1Blaze2022D 2023/1/30
Data East Arcade 1Evercade2022A 2023/2/25
Data East Collection 1Blaze2021B 2023/2/8
Gaelco Arcade 1Blaze2022C- 2023/2/8
Intellivision Collection 1Evercade2022D 2023/4/20
Interplay Collection 1Evercade2020C- 2023/2/25
Irem Arcade 1Evercade2022A 2023/4/20
Piko Collection 1Blaze2022C 2023/3/13
Piko Interactive Arcade 1Piko2023A- 2023/11/30
Tecnos Arcade 1Blaze2022D- 2023/3/13
Toaplan Arcade 1Blaze2023A- 2023/1/30
Toaplan Arcade 2Blaze2023B+ 2023/10/5

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