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Dragoncast Rumble Fighting Stick Controller

Updated May 2014

My old friend Jonathan (aka the RPG Critic) introduced me to these bargain-basement Dreamcast joysticks back in 2004. He owned a pair and was showing them off during a very competitive game of Capcom Vs. SNK. They don't feel particularly sturdy, but they serve their purpose when it comes to 2D fighters. I ordered mine from the now-defunct Lik-Sang site, and it's a cherished artifact in my collection.

It's not the controller that's so appealing. It's very clicky, lightweight, and high maintenance. What makes the Dragoncast so awesome (besides that hopelessly cheesy name) is its hilarious packaging. The manufacturer clearly didn't know English very well, and the result is a comedy of bad translations and incomprehensible typos. Click on the photos below and read the text for a good laugh. You can't write stuff this funny.

dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon

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