Top 30 Hottest
Video Game Babes

by The Video Game Critic

June 7, 2020

For decades the debate has raged: Who is the hottest video game babe of all time? Well after an extensive investigative study we have finally compiled the Top 30 hottest babes in video game history. The results are indisputable, backed by scientific data and compiled by subject matter experts. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't read too much into this!

#30 Ms. Pac-Man
Arcade, 1981

Her bowling ball figure may not appeal to everyone, but you have to respect the first lady of video games.

#29 Sonya Blade
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
PS1, 1996

Her kiss is deadly, but hey - some things are worth dying for.

#28 The Princess
Skull and Crossbones
NES, 1990

Is he hypnotizing her or is she hypnotizing HIM?

#27 Referee
Super Spike V'Ball
NES, 1988

How can these pixelated volleyball players possibly concentrate with this hottie officiating?

#26 Sarah Bryant
Virtua Fighter 5
PS3, 2005

She's the quintessential girl next door,
assuming that girl was decked out in leather and could kill you with her bare hands.

#25 Trophy Girl
Street Smart
Genesis, 1991

I bet there would be a lot more street fighting going on if there were really prizes like this.

#24 Raven
3DO, 1995

She looks like the most evil villain I ever wanted to be captured by.

#23 Kara
Detroit: Become Human
Playstation 4, 2018

Kara is a very caring, kind-hearted individual. In the game she saves a kid from a domestic abuse situation.
And how bout that body!? WOWZA!!
Editor's note: Inappropriate! Inappropriate!

#22 Mileena
Mortal Kombat 2
Genesis, 1993

So she has an overbite. Nobody's perfect.

#21 Ivy
Soul Calibur V
Xbox 360, 2012

This woman cannot be contained.

#20 Kitana
Mortal Kombat 2
Genesis, 1993

Mileena's twin sister is fan-tastic!!

#19 Pretty Amy
Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf
NES, 1988

The name says it all!

#18 Elizabeth
Bioshock Infinite
Xbox 360, 2013

It's impossible to play this game and not fall in love with this woman.

#17 Samus
NES, 1986

So... the faster you beat the game, the less clothes she wears.
That's either remarkably sexist or awesome. Possibly both.

#16 Daphne
Dragon's Lair
Arcade, 1983

Ever notice how nobody ever talks about the dragon in this game?

#15 Chun Li
Street Fighter II
SNES, 1992

Chun Li was such an innocent, attractive girl until Capcom decided to give her massive Hulk Hogan thighs.

#14 Celebration Girls
Soccer Brawl
Neo Geo, 1991

These girls serve no purpose in the game at all, and I'm fine with it.

#13 Kasumi
Dead or Alive 3
Xbox, 2001

All the girls are hot in Dead or Alive, but if you have to pick one it's gotta be Kasumi.

#12 Cammy
Street Fighter II
SNES, 1992

If you got it, flaunt it.

#11 Dark Queen
NES, 1991

It's impossible to take your eyes off the screen whenever she appears.

#10 Blaze
Streets of Rage
Genesis, 1991

The only thing better than a hot chick kicking ass is a hot chick kicking ass in this outfit.

#9 Nina Williams
Tekken Tag Tournament
PS2, 2000

Her curves are deadly weapons. Okay, now I'm just running out of material.

#8 Isabella
Sega CD, 1994

I believe further investigation is warranted.

#7 Mai Shiranui
King of Fighters 95
Neo Geo, 1995

There aren't many female characters in King of Fighters, but she's the only one you really need.

#6 Poison Ivy
Injustice 2
Playstation 4, 2017

She will grow on you.

#5 Kimberly
Space Ace
Arcade, 1984

Even hotter than Daphne in Dragon's Lair? Yes!

#4 Jill Valentine
Resident Evil 3
PS1, 1999

Ready to protect and serve in standard-issue police miniskirt, boots, and tube-top.

#3 Tifa Lockhart
Final Fantasy VII Remake
PS4, 2020

Seems to be the runaway favorite of the RPG crowd. Hard to argue.

#2 Morrigan
Arcade, 1994

Voted most likely to be featured in the margin of a seventh-grade boy's notebook.

#1 Lara Croft
Tomb Raider Legend
PS2, 2006

Was it ever even in doubt?

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