The Video Game Critic's

Supporting Cast

1998 - Present

Updated 4/28/2022

I enjoy my share of solitary gaming but there's something to be said for getting together with a few buddies for some old-fashioned "couch" gaming. My reviews aren't complete unless I test out all of the multiplayer modes, and the only thing better than multiplayer gaming is multiplayer gaming with beer. But you knew that.

I started having regular get-togethers during the late 1990's. At first the games were just a diversion until we headed out to some random bar to watch Monday Night Football. At this time I was just beginning to collect old games and systems. I began this web site as a creative outlet. As my collection grew the video games started to become the primary focus, especially when football was out of season.

You've probably seen names from my "supporting cast" mentioned in my reviews every now and then. Much like Liam Neeson, each guy possesses a particular set of skills and gaming expertise. They add a lot of color to the reviews with their astute observations and funny one-liners. They also offer the occasional dissenting opinion which is promptly discarded.

Covid wreaked havoc on game night but I still try to get the gang together on a semi-regular basis. This page provides a rundown of the crew so you can get to know them a little better. The list below is by no means comprehensive (sorry Kevin and others) but these are pretty much the hardest of the hardcore. So without further ado I present to you a rag-tag band of gamers that became Monday Night Legends (TM)!

- Dave

Scott aka "Sudz"

You might say this was the man who started it all. After becoming friends with Scott at work he informed me of a local bar having a big Monday Night Football promotion, serving up a free 15-foot sub during the game. When we showed up we were the only ones there! How foolish of everyone else - turning down free food! That night set everything in motion. Scott also helped inspire my interest in the paranormal, as we've embarked on numerous ghost tours, haunted houses, and graveyard walks. His greatest accomplishment was turning me on to corndogs and teaching me the 30-second rule at the same time. And yes, he lives a double life as the esteemed C64 Critic!

First Appearance: 1998

Specialty: Commodore 64, sports games

Hobby: Amateur cryptozoologist

Favorite console: Dreamcast

Beverages of choice: Dark 'N Stormy

Game Night Status: Active

Steve aka "Slnzer"

For many, many years (decades?) Steve was Mr. Reliable when it came to game night. It didn't matter how late he had to work; it was going to be on like Donkey Kong! Steve was also famous for starting the tradition of post-game "adventures" through the wilds of Maryland. A die-hard sports fan, Steve was always super-competitive when it came to Madden and NHL 94, yet also has a soft spot for Atari classics like Chopper Command and Atari 5200 Realsports Baseball. He earned his nickname during a botched attempt to enter his initials during a Call of Duty game. His proudest achievement is being the first to destroy the ring in my Lord of the Rings Pinball. Last but not least, Steve wants everyone to know that reports of his demise are greatly exaggerated.

First Appearance: 1998

Specialty: First-person shooters, sports games

Hobby: Rubbing elbows with celebrities

Favorite console: Xbox 360

Beverages of choice: Smithwicks, iced tea, water (in that order)

Game Night Status: Inactive (currently out of state)

Jonathan aka "Hawkman"

As the third member of the original crew, Jonathan wasn't even old enough to drink when he started gaming with us. Still, he taught me everything I know about the world of anime and helped set up the servers I use to run the site to this day. Come to think of it, I owe this guy big time! He also served as the original RPG Critic.

First Appearance: 1999

Specialty: RPGs, SNK, anime-style games

Hobbies: Cosplay, getting married.

Favorite console: SNES

Beverage of choice: Dos Equis (pronounced Dozeki's when in Baltimore)

Gaming status: Inactive (no sightings since latest marriage)

Chris aka "Ice Truck Killer"

Chris and I share a passion for fighting games. The first time we got together for gaming we clashed in an epic match of Street Fighter II which I will reluctantly concede he won. Chris is also a big fan of side-scrolling beat-em-ups like the original Final Fight. And while he bears a striking resemblance to the Ice Truck Killer from the Dexter TV series, he has never killed anyone that I am aware of.

First Appearance: 2005

Specialty: Fighting games, side-scrolling beat-em-ups, platformers

Hobby: hiking, murder (only on TV, pretty sure)

Favorite console: Neo Geo

Beverage of choice: Pepsi (the kind with real sugar)

Gaming status: Active


Brent is a very cerebral gamer, which makes sense since he's a freaking doctor. He is a supreme master at Tetris and really any sort of puzzle game. He's also a vintage race car collector. During one of our very first get-togethers I put in a Dreamcast game called Spirit of Speed 1937 and upon browsing through the cars he exclaimed "Hey - I own one of those!" Art imitates life! Brent's biggest accomplishment was turning me on to Hollow Knight.

First Appearance: 2012

Specialty: puzzle games, racing games, platformers

Hobby: Fixing and racing vintage cars

Favorite console: NES

Beverage of choice: Bloody Mary

Gaming status: Active

Scott M

This guy is a real dual-threat. Not only is he a chess prodigy, he's a local tennis champion as well! Did I mention he plays hockey too? The kind you play with a hockey stick, not a joystick! Needless to say, I always have some head-to-head sports games on tap when Scott M is in the house. He is virtually unstoppable at NHL Hockey for the Genesis yet I keep trying.

First Appearance: 2015

Specialty: sports games (especially hockey), fighting games

Hobby: tennis, chess, hockey

Favorite console: Genesis

Beverage of choice: "Whatever you're drinking, Dave"

Gaming status: Active


This guy claims to show up for game night solely for the comradery and beer, but he's actually a better-than-average gamer and an amazing pinball player. One night Brad showed up at the house with a huge box of Costco hot dogs and strawberry sundaes for everybody, boosting his otherwise sagging popularity into the stratosphere!

First Appearance: 2018

Specialty: party games, pinball

Hobby: Travel

Favorite console: Wii

Beverage of choice: "the strongest thing you got, Dave"

Gaming status: Active