Nintendo 64 Top Labels
By 8-Bit Evolution

A Review by The Video Game Critic


The Nintendo 64 was the last console to support good old-fashioned cartridges, which makes it attractive to collectors. Those little gray plastic bricks will probably last forever. There's only one problem. Where in the [expletive] are the frickin' end labels?! If you have a stack of Nintendo 64 cartridges you need to check the front of each one just to find the game you're looking for. What a hassle! Making matters worse, the cheap N64 cardboard boxes do not hold up well over time, so loose cartridges are the rule and not the exception.

What's a collector to do? In the past I've seen game shops actually write the names of the games on the top edge of the cartridges using permanent magic marker! Not only does this practice deface a perfectly good cart, but it looks like crap. A better option might be to print your own labels, but that's easier said than done. Since the top edge of the cart is rounded, normal paper just doesn't want to stick.

Fortunately a Pittsburgh-based site named 8-Bit Evolution has stepped up and devised an elegant solution. Although the site is mainly known for producing custom, pimped-out editions of refurbished consoles, what grabbed my attention were their Nintendo 64 top labels. This is exactly what I've been looking for!

You might expect these labels to be available for only the most popular N64 games, but in fact you get a complete set covering every game ever made for the system! Whoa. And these labels aren't made of normal paper. They are vinyl and waterproof! The first one I applied went on very easy and was not hard to readjust. The labels are perfectly sized, and best of all, they stay on. After several weeks I haven't had an issue with one coming loose or peeling off.

If you have a stack of loose Nintendo 64 cartridges sitting around these labels are a good investment. These labels are colorful and highly professional. They are very practical and will beautify your Nintendo 64 collection. Recommended!

Buy the N64 Top Labels Collection at 8-Bit Evolution.