Red Beard Skins for the Nintendo DS Lite

by The Video Game Critic

I had never embraced the concept of "skins" until I tried out this excellent new product for the Nintendo DS. As it turns out, Red Beard's skins are not only attractive but practical as well! Unlike full-sized consoles that sit on the shelf largely untouched, portable systems like the DS are handled constantly, making them susceptible to far more wear and tear. As much as I love my black DS, it was perpetually smudged with ugly fingerprints. The fact that Nintendo built the thing using the shiniest plastic available did not help matters.

Enter Red Beard skins. Made of quality materials, these things are easy to apply and look like a million bucks. Red Beard skins aren't just stickers - they are firm plastic coverings with a gell-like interior. It actually makes the system more comfortable to grasp. Not only do they prevent unsightly smudges, but they also protect against scratches and the wearing down of plastic around the buttons. As a test, I peeled one skin off to make sure it wouldn't leave any nasty residue. It came off clean, and I was able to press it back on with no problem. To be honest, I don't know why I would ever want to remove one of these awesome skins.

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Coated with a Re-enforced thick layer of epoxy

100% Removable

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