Top 10 Best Console Names of All Time

#10 Nintendo GameCube


There's nothing pretentious about the GameCube. It won't play movies, it won't connect to the Internet, and it won't wash your car. It's a [expletive] cube that plays video games! Deal with it! Oh and by the way, you can wash your own damn car!

#9 Sony Playstation


It sounds a little cute, but the word Playstation actually means something. It's a warm, cozy place where you settle down to focus on the important things in life, which of course means gaming. Today the term "Playstation" is as synonymous with video games as the word Nintendo. It has staying power.

#8 Vectrex


This one-of-a-kind system employs sharp vector graphics rarely seen in the past, present, or future! In 1983, these graphics looked fantastic. In 2013, these graphics look fantastic. The name is short and focused - like a laser! This system was far before its time, and it won't be long before there are robots walking around with cool names like "Vectrex".

#7 Mattel Intellivision


A clever combination of "intelligent" and "television", this was the perfect name for Mattel's console. Less known for its arcade games, the system excelled in running intricate sports simulations and thought-provoking strategy titles. When you're playing the Intellivision, your mind is fully engaged (and your thumb hurts like a bastard - but that's beside the point).

#6 Neo Geo

Neo Geo

This name sounds like a futuristic car, and that's quite appropo, considering the Neo Geo was the Ferrari of consoles back in the 1990s. And it even had the price tag to back it up!

#5 Magnavox Odyssey 2

Odyssey 2

The term "odyssey" evokes visions of an epic journey undertaken to obtain a mystical artifact located in an ancient shrine guarded by a witch, cyclops, or perhaps a hydra. Slap a "2" on the end and you're effectively taking this already-mind-blowing concept to the next level!

#4 Bally Astrocade


The name of this console harkens back to the golden age of arcades, when people played fun, shallow games with names like Astro Battle and Space Invaders. "Bally" is a fun word in and of itself (just say it - you'll see). Put it next to "Astrocade" and the result is pure unadulterated joy.

#3 Sony Playstation 4


This one may come as a shock to many, but Playstation 4 really is a great name. By their fourth iteration, most console manufacturers would try to go off the deep end with pretentious, overblown names like "Playstation Infinite" or "Playstation Forever". The name Playstation 4, on the other hand, is unassuming, descriptive, and concise. It's the fourth one - that's really all you need to know.

#2 Atari 2600


Though originally named the "Atari VCS", this classic system was known as the Atari 2600 for most of its natural life. It's a very distinctive name with a technical edge. If asked to come up with a model number for a console, how many people would choose 2600? Nobody in their right mind - that's who! The name is legendary.

#1 Sega Genesis


I have a confession to make. Before compiling this list it had never really occurred to me what a great name "Sega Genesis" really was. But it was probably the perfect console name. Not only did it roll off the tongue, but it hailed the dawn of a brave new era - the 16-bit era! Those were some good times. Sega's subsequent system, the Saturn, sounded bland by comparison.

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