Video Game Mania III: The Games

It wasn't easy to select 11 games from my enormous collection for this event, but I used three criteria: Ease of play, short duration, and challenge. There were two types of games. Multiplayer games were played in single-elimination tournaments. Single player games were played for high score, and were unscheduled and could be played over and over again. Players scored three points for each first place finish, and one for each second place finish. The top eight players were seeded for the playoffs. Note: Two games, Mario Kart (SNES) and Combat (Atari 2600) were cancelled due to time constraints.

The Multi-player Games

Smithereens (Odyssey 2 - 1981)
We had some very close contests in this game.
1st place: Dave D
2nd place: Shawn P

Super Monkey Ball (Gamecube - 2001)
The biggest problem people had with this one was figuring out which monkey they were controlling.
1st place: Bob S
2nd place: Dave D

Mortal Kombat II (Genesis - 1994)
Knowing a secret move or two gave you a real advantage in this game. Using Scorpion, Steve destroyed the competition.
1st place: Steve N
2nd place: Mike W

Virtua Athlete (Dreamcast - 1999)
Probably the most popular and hilarious game at VGM3.
1st place: Rob Z
2nd place: Jacob M

NBA Jam (SNES - 1993)
It's fun and easy to play, but this one ran way over in terms of time.
1st place: Brad M
2nd place: George C

Warlords (Atari 2600 - 1981)
This game is a always a crowd pleaser. The formation of alliances keep any one player from getting the upper hand.
1st place: Steve N
2nd place: None (3 tied)

The Single-player Games

Centipede (Atari 5200 - 1982)
I had the track ball hooked up for this one.
1st place: Mike F 21,103
2nd place: Chris G 18,430

Ms. Pac-Man (Playstation - 1996)
Controlled with an arcade-style joystick
1st place: Mike F 39,970
2nd place: Don F 26,770

Minestorm (Vectrex - 1982)
People are always impressed by vector graphics. Bob lost his high score in the last few minutes of regulation.
1st place: Dave D 43,425
2nd place: Bob S 43,305

NAM 1975 (Neo Geo - 1990)
Tough game but great graphics. George sat on his high score all day, but Dan H came within a hair of beating it.
1st place: George C 60,400
2nd place: Dan H 59,900

Galaxian (PC/MAME - arcade 1981)
People liked the X-Arcade joystick I had set up with this.
1st place: Steve N 8,940
2nd place: Brian 5,390

The Playoffs and Finals

Pong (Video Olympics) (Atari 2600 - 1977)
This was a perfect game for the playoffs - nobody had an advantage. The "whammy" variation was played which let players apply "english" to the ball. It proved to be too much for some to handle.

Quarter Semi Final Semi Quarter
1. Steve N1. Steve N1. Steve N3. Mike F2. Dave D2. Dave D
8. Mike W7. Brad M
4. Bob S4. Bob S3. Mike F3. Mike F
5. George C6. Rob Z


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