Video Game Mania 4 Odds

Hours before the VGM4 competition began, odds guru Scott Lewindowski scientifically calculated player's probability of winning Video Game Mania 4 based on past success, hand/eye coordination, SAT scores, tax records, astrology, sexual history, and urine tests. Since Scott Lewindowski could not make it to VGM4, these odds were never revealed - until now.

NOTE: The odds were only calculated for likely attendees. Several of these people did not actually attend.

Steve N 5-2* finished 2nd
Scott Z 3-1* finished 1st
Mike F 9-2
George C 8-1* finished 4th
Tuan T 10-1
Bobby S 12-1
Jacob M 15-1
Shawn N 15-1
Shawn P 20-1
Rob Z 20-1
Keith M 25-1
Greg X 30-1* qualified for playoff round
Joe W 30-1
Steve S 45-1
Mike M 50-1
Joe K 60-1
Greg S 60-1
Bruce C 65-1
John S 250-1

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