MARYLAND, Feb 18, 2006: For the sixth time in as many years, die-hard gamers were invited to compete in this cut-throat battle of video gamesmanship. In an unprecedented occurance of cosmic proportions, Mike F repeated as VGM Champion, systematically destroying all of his challengers in the process. The reliable Scott snagged second place despite constant harassment about his Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. The Cinderella story was Shawn P, who man-handled #1 seed Steve N on his way to a third-place finish. While the level of trash-talking was less than usual, there was still plenty of testosterone on display - literally!

In sadder news, Don Fuller's record-setting five-year streak of wearing the same shirt to each VGM finally came to an end, since he could not attend this year's tournament. I spoke to a distraught Don on the phone afterwards, who was still coming to terms with his decision - easily the most difficult he's ever made. Fighting back the tears, Don vowed that he would begin a brand new "shirt" streak at the next tournament, and this would be the "best damn video game tournament shirt streak ever". Bold words from a bold man.

In Loving Memory of "The Shirt" (2000-2005)
VGM1 - Dec 2000 VGM2 - Dec 2001 VGM3 - Jan 2003 VGM4 - Jan 2004 VGM5 - Jan 2005

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Okay so I forgot to snap a picture of the ceremonial "hoisting of the trophies" this year!
Oh well, this shamelessly-doctored photo will have to suffice!

Mildly Amusing Quotes
Overheard At Video Game Mania 6

Eric R: "Yay - K.C. Munchkin!"
Dave: "I believe that's the first time those words have been uttered in the history of mankind"

"Dave, where's the Xbox 360?"

"Keith, did you bring your Catwoman DVD?"

"That's what happens when you get a 12-inch [expletive] in your [expletive]!"
- Tuan, at the tail end of some bizarre conversation

Dave: "You guys are still battling for second place, so don't give up!"
Eric R: "What is this 'give up' you speak of?"

"I didn't want to play this stupid game all day, but now I'm ADDICTED to it!"
- Tuan , after played K.C. Munchkin for about an hour to achieve the high score. His score was promptly eclipsed by Eric R.

"Pink's way ahead - KILL PINK!"
- Overhead during Castle Crisis, a Warlords-style four-player game. Scott Z was pink.

"Why do I always have to be Mr. Pink?!"
- Scott Z

"Okay, everyone's tied... this round will decide it...... KILL PINK!"
- Overheard later in the same game

"What's this game called?"
"Did you say DORK-watch?"
"No, but it's an honest mistake."

Dave: "Shawn, where's Sperka?"
Shawn N: "He just called. Said he can't make it. Has a case of ANGRY ASS."

"What's with this analog control crap? Can I turn it off?"
- Matt H on the PS2 controllers. Welcome to the 90's Matt!

- Matt H to Keith, whenever poor Keith gained possession of the puck in NHL 06.

- Bob S, whenever his team scored a goal in FIFA.

Bob (playing FIFA): "Let's run up the score!"
Teammate Scott: "Yeah, time for the FACIAL goal!"

- Tuan , after his hockey match was called off early due to a glitch in the game.

"Wait a second, did Eric S score zero points AGAIN?!"

"The usual suspects..."
- Bob S, as the final rounds of the playoffs were shaping up.

Steve N (before playoffs): "[EXPLETIVE] PONG?! That's it - I'm dead."

Steve N (during Ice Pong): "Hey, those penguins look like the NFL refs who helped the Steelers win the Super Bowl!"
Scott: "I'll take that slop any day!"

Steve N (after losing first round of playoffs): "[EXPLETIVE] PONG!!"

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