Actual undoctored photo taken during event

April 13, 2013: Unsurpassed in terms of pure spectacle, Video Game Mania is the tournament that calls upon competitors from all corners of the globe. The fact that they all just so happened to be from Maryland was purely a coincidence. These men engaged in the most brutal form of combat known to man - you guessed it - video games. What was on the line? Only the fate of the planet, the future of the human race, and a handsome VGM9 first place trophy!

The chaos that ensued featured dazzling displays of courage, bravery, dexterity, beer consumption, gluttony, unusual hygiene, and rampant unsportsmanlike conduct. When the dust settled one man emerged from the rubble to reign supreme. I have chronicled the details of this event here so future generations can look back and wonder what the hell we were all thinking.

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Mildly Amusing Things Overheard At Video Game Mania 9

While playing Atlantis on the Intellivision:
Hawk: "I'm glad Atlantis was destroyed. This place sucks!"

"Damn - this game gives you both Epilepsy and Carpal Tunnel!"
Dave: "Congratulations on your high score! Oh and by the way you now have Carpe-lepsy!"

During Virtual Athlete 2000 competition:

"I want to be a black guy!" - Levi, who is black
"Me too!" - Matt

Keith (watching an aerial shot of a Javelin throw): "See, that would be a great view of the action... if this were a baseball game!"

"Hey, is that Manti Te'o?"
"Yeah - he's trying to impress his fake Internet girlfriend!"

During Halo Reach:

Matt: "For the love of God will somebody please shoot somebody already?!"
Dave: "There - he's dead. Are you happy now?"

During Mario Kart Wii:

Scott: "I'm going to pick whichever kart Jonathan does."
Hawk: "Why? Because I'm wearing a Mario Bros. hat and a Legend of Zelda shirt?"

"2 is brake and 1 is gas!"
- Steve giving intentionally wrong instructions

During Indy 500 (Atari 2600) playoff rounds:

Eric: "Hey - this is like Tokyo Drift '78!"

Hawk (to #1 seed Steve): "I'm afraid Indy 500 will be QUITE operational when your seed arrives."

"How do we use our weapons and power-ups?"

Dn Geometry Wars:
Hawk: "Dave - how in the heck did you hook the Vectrex up to the big screen?"

On Silent Scope:
"The president's daughter has been kidnapped? Again? That b***h needs to learn to stay in the house."

During the aftermath:
Dave: "Only the non-drunks can carry the TVs back upstairs"

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