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Re: Retro Gaming Art

Postby EduPortas » April 16th, 2018, 12:44 pm

scotland wrote:
EduPortas wrote:Hey guys. First time poster here. :D

I'm the guy behind RetroGamingArt. Thank you for your kind words.
Yesterday I noticed a spike in my blog and discovered this great community. Seems like a great place for the retro community!

Welcome, and I hope you pop by often. You have a fun site. Heroes of the Lance ad really does have lovely artwork. Its a real throwback to the previous generation when games had to rely on imaginative and immersive artwork. TSR should have had a full rolodex of artists to tap for that kind of work.

Thanks, scotland! I'll pop in here regularly. And yes, that rolodex would be awesome.

(Hope the admins approve my answers in the forums. Right now I can't see them. Don't you think I'm not reading all
of your neat comments :] )

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