CollectorVision Phoenix Arrived!

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Re: CollectorVision Phoenix Arrived!

Postby MSR1701 » May 2nd, 2021, 3:39 pm

ASalvaro wrote:
VideoGameCritic wrote:So if you look at the original pic there's a little clear case with an SD card and a really tiny (micro SD?) card.

The normal card goes into the system, but I have no idea what the tiny one is for. Any ideas?

doesn't the mini sd card go into the bigger one that goes into the system?
btw i saw that it also plays Atari 2600 roms..pretty cool!

Even implements the Colecovision modules?

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Re: CollectorVision Phoenix Arrived!

Postby VideoGameCritic » May 2nd, 2021, 4:30 pm

Duh! Don't I feel like an idiot!

Thanks guys!!

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Re: CollectorVision Phoenix Arrived!

Postby Atariboy » May 9th, 2021, 9:12 pm

There's standard SNES controller support as well. Not just the NTT Data controller. Looks like L and R are used as shift buttons since multiple functions had to be mapped to each button to accommodate everything.

SNESMapping.jpg (116.62 KiB) Viewed 139 times

I wouldn't recommend it for games that involve keypad use during gameplay, but many Colecovision games only require the keypad to get into a game. For those games, a SNES compatible controller will be a fine option. Just remember that L + Y is mapped to the Colecovision's #1 key (Typically what one has to press to start a single player game at the default difficulty).

MSR1701 wrote:Even implements the Colecovision modules?

It doesn't support the Atari 2600 expansion module or the ADAM expansion module. It does support the driving controller, the roller controller, and the Super Action controller. The unreleased Super Game Module from back in the day that Opcode brought to fruition a few years ago is incorporated directly into the Colecovision core. So any SGM homebrew cartridges or roms will be compatible without need of the physical Super Game Module.

There's a built-in Atari 2600 core as well. It's far from perfect as-is (Although there are plans to polish it up), but you can at least play 2600 roms on here. And there are also plans to incorporate an ADAM core with a future firmware update.

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