NES Gauntlet - Tengen

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NES Gauntlet - Tengen

Postby Dennis » December 10th, 2004, 4:28 pm

Did anyone *ever* finish this game?

It was far superior and much faster than the arcade version.  It had 100 levels, but to finish the game, you had to find a certain number of special "?" blocks (I think seven) within certain levels.  When you were about to begin the last stage, a scary-looking demon would ask you for the seven letters that you got from the "?" blocks.  If you didn't have it... you couldn't move on!

I never found more than 2 or 3 of the "?" blocks myself, nor could I make it past the 70s.  But someone gave me a password to start on level 93 and gave me the special code for the last level.  I made it to level 100 and spent at least 30 minutes firing arrows directly at a large dragon that I assume was the final boss, but eventually my energy (naturally) ran out, and I died. 

How the heck do you beat that thing, and how did the game end?!?

mappy mouse pd

NES Gauntlet - Tengen

Postby mappy mouse pd » December 10th, 2004, 5:38 pm

This is taken from an online faq. Remember: don't shoot the food!

100: The final battle. Before you enter you have to enter the combination. Any mistake and the room appears but you immediately die.

Otherwise the room appears. Turn left and attack the green things. Then inch over and take on the others one at a time. Again, saving health is the main concern; the dragon (Guardian) appears in this level. I can usually reach the dragon losing less than 150 HP if I use my bombs early to clear out the Sacred Orb and at the same time protect myself.

There's one food and one potion here. Save the bomb for the end, because there are a lot of little guys left too. Any leftover bombs from 99 are quite helpful also.

After you kill the dragon (see Enemies section), hit the flashing panelsand explore until you can retrieve the sacred orb. Don't leave without it unless you want to lose!

mappy mouse pd

NES Gauntlet - Tengen

Postby mappy mouse pd » December 13th, 2004, 10:30 am

The NES Gauntlet does have an ending, but it's nothing special.


NES Gauntlet - Tengen

Postby Chuck » March 15th, 2006, 9:04 pm

I did actually beat this game back in the day.


This game is really hard core, and lasted me a while


Some tips.


1) shooting normal looking walls in the right spots will help you out. often this is the only way to get a clue.

2) Locked chests are not random, and can contain ANYTHING! even the correct exit!

3) TO kill the dragon, attack one head at a time.

4) If you reach world 4 with 0 keys, start again from your last password.  This is because there is no way to gain a key in any of the rooms in world 4 before the first clue room, so if you've lost your earlier password you have to start ALL OVER!  NOte: it's very easy to run out of keys in the final stretch of world 3 if you are not careful.

5) No password will take you beyond the first level of the last world. you can take advantage of this and build up your suppliesby reperatedly beatin gthe first level and beating the treasure room for a new password..

6) The first charater of your password determines your vault key. knowing this you can look it up online if you missed a clue (cheater!)

7) a simple way to double your supplies. start a two player game, and enter same password for bot pplayers, then kill off player 2, and grab his stuff.

8) As you will very quickly discover, different exits can go to different rooms. but in such a case, the correct exit is NEVER randomly placed.

9) there is exaxctly ONE level that has unreachable stuff. you will know it when you see it (by the multtple rooms positively PACKED full of food, poion, and powerups that never open no matter what you do.)

10) playing alone the Elf is the ONLY character that can pass the world 5 treasure roooms every time. when playing two player, two wizards/valkries can play it.  Under NO circumstances play the warrior. Even in a two player!  PS: NO character can pass the massively unfair world 4 treasure rooms all the time.  but being the elf helps...

11) Magic is your friend. but make sure all players are STILL when you use it, or it tends to fail.  This is why the elf and wizard are so good. Plus wiz with extra shot power kills all normal enemies in one shot!  Balance? who cares about balance?

12) don't forget to grab the orb! it's AFTER the exit!


NES Gauntlet - Tengen

Postby Alienblue » March 16th, 2006, 5:21 am

I don't have any hints (other then there are a LOT of passwords
out there), but I had to comment on a game that was always so important to me. In a local small food-mart they had a game way
back when, and I loved it so much I would take a roll of quarters down at 5 AM when they opened just to play it! (the wizard was deffinitely my favorite character in the arcade, though I too prefered the Elf on NES).

When the NES version came out it was adverstised in NINTENDO FUN CLUB magazine (anyone remember that?); I was ecstatic! I had to have this game! I was a bit dissapointed when I got it that it wasn't like the coin-op, but soon found it was indeed better, with different rooms and weapons! Oddly, when at last I got arcade-perfect GAULTLET on Genesis, I became bored with it! Guess I played it a bit TOO many times!

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