Atari 2600 Double Dunk

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Atari 2600 Double Dunk

Postby Teddybear1 » April 16th, 2012, 4:37 pm

I can understand the initial objection to this would have been a 2600 classic if the gameplay had been tighter.......

But once you REALLY start playing and adapt to the loose control, you do figure out what you can and can't do......and this game is a gem!

I have fallen in love with this baby.  The CPU is a tough and aggressive opponent.    Love the stats at the end (only shown for the winning team).   As well as the funky dancing & music at the end of the game for the winning team.

The Critic is right on about the uniforms....they just suck.  I actually do like the white w/rainbow stripes....I can pretend they are the Denver Nuggets of the late 1980's....

Considering that this is the VCS my only real complaint is that when you get fouled BEHIND the 3-point arc......your guy only gets to shot two free throws.

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