Collectors buying all the games?

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Re: Collectors buying all the games?

Postby MoarRipter » September 23rd, 2015, 1:45 am

I've seen a jump in the prices of Saturn stuff over the past fifteen years or so, with some of the rare games I don't see the prices dropping anytime soon. Even with Radiant Silvergun, it was rereleased on the Xbox 360 but the Saturn version still commands up to $200. The Saturn consoles themselves are still relatively inexpensive but they're slowly inching up in price. The prices of official SEGA US non-3D six button gamepads are rather excessive at $30/pad for something well used (the last one I bought was $5 at a swap meet a decade ago), for some reason the 3D pad and JPN pads are a little bit cheaper. Overall at least some of the rarer games for the Saturn have become much more expensive. Some of the game prices for the later released US games are a bit crazy. Ten years ago the used price for Panzer Dragoon Saga would maybe run $150-$200 tops, now some people are charging upwards of $400 or more for it on eBay! Guardian Heroes is over $100, the US version of Saturn Bomberman is going for over $150 just for the disc!! Dragon Force is going for well over $100, Albert Odyssey is over $100, Magic Knights Rayearth is going for $300 or more! Shining Force 3 is going for $250-$300! :shock: Those Working Designs games for the Saturn were exceptional works of art and showcased the beautiful 2D graphics and effects the console was capable of but $300 for Magic Knights Rayearth!? Maybe in twenty or thirty years I'll be able to sell my Saturn collection and buy a new Cadillac in my retirement.

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Re: Collectors buying all the games?

Postby Rev » September 23rd, 2015, 1:22 pm

Yeah, the Saturn is super expensive to collect for. It isn't just the U.S. games that are expensive. Japanese games for the console can be quite large as well (several of my Japanese Saturn games are more expensive than Panzer Dragoon Saga)... It would definitely be one of my last consoles I'd sell because I don't think I could amass the same games again without paying twice what I originally paid for them...

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