Best unknown Wii game

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Best unknown Wii game

Postby PAAGaming » February 13th, 2016, 4:24 pm

I'm sure there are loads of great Wii games I've never heard of and am wondering what people have discovered.

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Re: Best unknown Wii game

Postby VideoGameCritic » February 13th, 2016, 6:25 pm

This is actually a really good topic because Wii games tend to be dirt cheap right now. Hopefully some people will chime in.

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Re: Best unknown Wii game

Postby nesfan » February 13th, 2016, 6:42 pm

A few come to mind.
Arc Rise Fantasia is probably the best RPG on the console.

Lost in Shadow is a fun, inventive platformer that seemed to just drop off the face of the Earth after it released.

Fortune Street is probably more well-known but I never really hear anyone talk about it. It's basically characters from Mario and Dragon Quest playing Monopoly. I think most people who played it went into it expecting Mario Party and were disappointed but those who didn't give it a chance missed out on a great party game.

Octomania is a fun, really obscure puzzle game. The only reason I know it exists is because there was a reference to it in Hyperdimension Neptunia (PS3).

Castle of Shikigami III is a game that I have not played but it's pretty close to the top of my Wii wishlist. I have the second game in the series for PS2 and it is a fun, yet brutally hard bullet hell shooter.

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Re: Best unknown Wii game

Postby Rev » February 13th, 2016, 7:03 pm

Since the Wii has a bunch of Shovelware it is quite hard to know which titles are actually good for the console (minus the main Nintendo titles). Games that I haven't heard too many people talk about that are solid for the Wii are:

Arc Rise Fantasia- One of the better RPG's for the console although I don't think it's the best.
Batman: The Brave and the Bold- Great beatm'up. Turn down the volume though because they never shut up.
Boom Blox Bash Party- the best version of this game. Cheap as well.
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars- Solid point and click game.
Castle of Shikigami III- shmup for the Wii.
Cursed Mountain- probably the best original Wii horror
Disney's Guilty Party- Awesome game. It's sort of like clue. Fun for groups of people.
Dokapon Kingdom- sort of like Mario Party. Pretty expensive and keeps rising.
Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon- play for the story/music, not the gameplay.
Ivy the Kiwi?- Unique wii platformer.
Little King’s Story- probably my pick for best obscure Wii game.
Lost in Shadow- another solid title often mixed up with the shovelware on the system.

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Re: Best unknown Wii game

Postby Wallyworld » February 21st, 2016, 4:07 am

Muramasa: The Demon Blade - This is a hack and slash action RPG. The game sports some of the best graphics to ever grace the Wii console. It's very Japanese in style with crazy looking bosses that had me rolmbo.The game play is very smooth and natural feeling. As you level up your female protagonist becomes quite the bad ass.

This is a Wii game that looks like a ps3 game.

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Re: Best unknown Wii game

Postby Funkmaster V » March 6th, 2016, 7:35 pm

Little King Story and Disaster: Day of Crisis are both incredibly awesome games that I love.

Little King Story looks like a kid game, but it's a pretty daunting action RPG... pretty complex, and tackles subjects like corrupt religion, politics, science, and the bevy of wives you collect represent the seven Japanese sex fetishes. That's pretty weird to have what looks like a 7 year old kid rocking some polygamy. THANKS OBAMA.
-The gameplay is similar to Pikmin, and the Wonderful 101... but also includes RPG elements, item collection (for those of us that are OCD), and empire building. Beautiful graphics, interesting boss battles and a surprise ending makes this game the IMO best overall game on the Wii. A+

Disaster: Day of Crisis
I love this fricking game. It's got lame dialogue, like a Steven Segal B movie, but it includes a fun, linear action romp where the world is basically falling apart amidst a terrorist danger. You will have to escape floods, fire, volcano ash, forest fires, earthquakes, plus it taught me what a lahar was. (EDU-TAINMENT)
-Gameplay: Action third person platform jumping & exploring, driving, and Timecop-esque light gun segments. Plus this game uses the Wii remote n' chuk well... you will use them as a defibrillator and a number of other devices. Import only (booo) B+

Lost in Shadow, Ivy the Kiwi, Sin & Punishment, Dawn of Discovery are all awesome Wii titles that it seems few know about.

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Re: Best unknown Wii game

Postby tortimer » September 7th, 2016, 3:39 pm

de Blob (2008) can become fairly addictive once you get going, painting all that grey with bright colors. Don't miss that spot over there! One of those fun games to play while someone else cheers you on.

Opoona (2008) is notable for being both a kid-friendly RPG and utilizing the nunchuk for doing special moves in unique ways during battle, gameplay that could only exist on the Wii.

Speaking of which... Order Up! (is to me) right up there with Beyond Good and Evil in that it was was/is a great game with so much style, overlooked and yet so deserving of a sequel. Highly replayable. Great fun.

And then there's Fishing Resort (2011) which has probably got to be one of the best games on the system and possibly worth buying a system just to play. Relaxing, fun, excellent use of the Wiimote and nunchuk to simulate the feel of fishing (yet not too difficult - until you encounter the Legendaries) and so many areas to explore. Pro tip: Don't even attempt a Legendary until you're leveled-up with strong tackle.

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Re: Best unknown Wii game

Postby snakeboy » September 8th, 2016, 11:31 pm

Let's see, here's a few off the top of my head...

Kororinpa Marble Mania and Marble Saga Kororinpa: Very Simple yet very addictive - guide a marble through a maze by tilting the Wii remote.

Nitro Bike: Sort of Excite Truck with motorcycles, so yeah, it's fun.

Guinness World Records The Video Game: Yes, a mini-game collection. But I ain't no gamer snob, and I like simple yet fun games that I don't need to devote a large chunk of my life to. And yeah, there are some duds here, but there's also a good variety of fun things to do, from smashing melons to knocking down dominoes to walking a tightrope to playing a Geometry Wars clone.

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Re: Best unknown Wii game

Postby Metalbeard » September 9th, 2016, 7:11 pm

Cursed mountain. Really good survival horror. Takes place in the Himalayas and instead of zombies like most other survival horrors it's ghosts that attack you.

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Re: Best unknown Wii game

Postby Herschie » October 5th, 2016, 2:42 pm

I forget the name of it, but it's basically like the arcade game, Beachhead 2000. You're basically shooting at Private Ryan in DDay, although the context is not World War 2. Anyway, good game with the Wii Zapper.

And I love Links Crossbow Training.

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