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Sega CD Help!

Posted: March 28th, 2016, 7:08 pm
by matmico399
A few days ago I got in a Sega Genesis console with a model 1 front loading Sega CD system. The guy told me it worked perfectly. I powered it up and sure enough the CD console turned on and I could hear it trying to read. But I have a problem in that I don't have all the cables.

It came with a Genesis. front loading Sega CD. a controller and both power cords. I got it for $72 and feel extremely lucky. I tried watching some Youtube videos and online investigating to find out which cables I need. Some said optional while others said required. I don't need it in stereo, just enough to get video and audio on my tv. While I have a sizable Genesis library I have been playing them on my Retron 3. Needless to say it has been awhile since I owned and original Genesis console. Now I have one with a Sega CD!

One gamer said some of the cables are available in standard generic versions along the lines of typical A/V cables. I need an a/v cable for both the Genesis and Sega Cd. And any other cables I can buy cheap.

Sega CD owners of model one. What all cables do I need and suggestions on where to get them cheap.


Re: Sega CD Help!

Posted: March 30th, 2016, 3:07 pm
by Retro STrife
First off, good call on getting the Model 1. The first one I bought was a Model 2. After it scratched up my Snatcher disc, I quickly sent it back, bought a Model 1 instead, and haven't looked back since.

As for the cables, I happen to have mine hooked up at the moment, so I took a look. I have the whole stack going right now: Sega CD model 1, then Genesis model 2, and then a 32X on top. Each system requires its own power cord. However, only one A/V cord is needed. In my setup, I have the A/V cord going from the 32X to the TV. For you, I'm not sure, but my guess is it goes from the Genesis to the TV. If I recall (I'm not at home now to check), the Sega CD model 1 also slides directly into the expansion slot of the Genesis. There is no cable connecting the two (whereas, there is a cable that connects the 32X to the Genesis). It's quite the mess of wires. But that should be it. If I misunderstood your question or if you have any others, just let me know and I can check for you on my system.

Re: Sega CD Help!

Posted: March 30th, 2016, 6:16 pm
by matmico399
Thanks so much Strife! I just ordered a Genesis model 1 a/v cable off Ebay for $5. I hope this will let me enjoy the Sega CD from my early-mid 20's. I never owned a front loader before but I knew that was the one to get. I had a sidesaddle version back in the day. I'll let you know if it works.

Damn. Of all the Sega CD discs to get scratched, "Snatcher" arrghhh!

This is the last retro console I could ever want. I have gotten all the others I desire. I also had a 32X back in the day, but I can def live without that add-on. From my memories about 20 years ago the main reason I got it was to play Doom (I didn't get a PC until 1998 or so I believe). Virtua Racing was excellent and Star Wars was good, but not enough to want me to go through the hassle of purchasing another. But I have longed for my old Sega CD.

Again I appreciate your input and I will let you know how it goes! =)

Re: Sega CD Help!

Posted: April 7th, 2016, 7:01 am
by Wallyworld
If for some reason this doesn't fix it i'd recommend selling the model 1 Sega cd. I love the look of it personally but it's really an unreliable machine. I went through 2 model ones before giving up on that dream and just bought a JVC X'eye to play my Sega CD games. It's an all in one Sega CD/genesis combo built like a tank. I think it looks pretty cool as well. I still kept my second broken Model one to show it off on a shelf but it's just for looks these day's.