should i get the NES console

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should i get the NES console

Postby imderfnz » June 27th, 2016, 12:33 am

if i install a new 72 pin connector and clean the games will i ever have anymore problems with the nes because i found one on ebay for 45 bucks and free shipping with all the cords and it already has a new 72 pin connector installed in it . or should i stick with the snes and sega genesis ?

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Re: should i get the NES console

Postby matmico399 » June 28th, 2016, 8:43 pm

It all depends on what you really want. If you are determined to play on an NES console, with the original controllers and all then that is your answer. Buying an old console is a risky chance though as they were not the most reliable systems and could break on you shortly after buying. If you want to just play NES games I would suggest the Retron 3 or Retron 5. These are very durable systems and you can even buy NES controllers to fit into the side if you dont like the Retron controllers. The Retron 3 plays NES, SNES and Genesis games all in one console and goes for $50-$60 online. The Retron 5 plays portable cartridges as well and goes for over $100. I would highly suggest The Retron 3 and just buy a couple of "remade" NES controllers to plug into the side of the console. That is what I have and I have been enjoying NES games ever since, plus my SNES died so now I can play those games on the Retron. Just look it up.

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Re: should i get the NES console

Postby imderfnz » June 29th, 2016, 3:47 pm

yeah i thought the clone nes consoles dont work that great they break after a while and is the audio sound right and is the emulation of a game good at all ?

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Re: should i get the NES console

Postby Robotrek » June 30th, 2016, 4:01 pm

There's a clone system out for 20 bucks that's decent. It's called the Retrobit Entertainment System. The audio is off, and CastleVania 3 doesn't play, but besides that it does the job. It plays basically everything else I throw at it. It's not my main NES (no, that award goes to my RGB modded toploader I hooked into my PVM) but I DO have it in my bedroom at night when I want to play some Mario Bros., which is the ONLY game in the system at all times. Running into NES though, the games are blowing up in price. Games like Contra run 30 dollars on average, and the prices don't look to be coming down any time soon. But if you have some games lying around that you've accumulated over the years, then buy the Retrobit console and give them a try!

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Re: should i get the NES console

Postby scotland » July 5th, 2016, 9:46 am

matmico399 wrote:It all depends on what you really want.

Best. Advice. Ever.

The NES is three decades old, and there are lots of options for whatever your tastes are. From legal "NES on a chip" systems (Retron 3), to emulator systems (Retron 5) and classic ones, so many choices.

Nostalgia or just learning what it was really like is awesome. There is something about consoles like the Colecovision, the size of a small bus when you plug in all the extensions and driving controller - that is an experience in itself. If you really want to play on classic consoles though, then be prepared for the occasional controller and hardware failure. They happen. Also, gaming was more limited, so be prepared for the lack of a pause button, no save states, RF output, etc.

In my opinion, having a modern version is an attractive option. My Retron 3 gets far more play than my original side-loader, even after replacing the pin connector. It works well enough for me, plus its a one-stop shop for playing my Genesis and SNES games without any fuss. Get some good controllers though - vintage controllers are pretty robust with some cleaning, although there are modern ones that are pretty good (but the cords are pretty short for some reason). Stay away from IR controllers, like the packaged Retron 3 controllers, for a variety of reasons such as build quality or having to stay pointing toward the tv.

If you just want to have fun with some NES games, there are even 'famiclones', that come with a giant famicom pinned multicart of lots of games. Many of these are infamous for somewhat misleading packaging and promoting far more games than they really have (999 games!), and other issues, but famiclones are kinda part of the NES story. Are they grey market - well, you can buy them on Amazon, so there you go. They are often notable for coming with a light gun (only work on CRTs) or having a controller that looks like its from an N64 or PS1 or something. Beware of their poor build quality, small size, cheap controllers, and may smell of molded plastic at first, but don't let that dissuade you completely. Think of them as a NES sample pack.

The last part of your question was about 'or should I stick with the Genesis and SNES'. Again, I would agree with Matmico's advice of what do you really want? Think about the games you might like to play? The console might be just a small investment compared to the library you build. Then think about how to get those games - for instance, my version of Chrono Trigger is a DS port, not the SNES original. I have lots of cartridges in very used shaped, but I am not the same kind of collector as others on this forum.

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Re: should i get the NES console

Postby Voor » July 11th, 2016, 12:40 am

When I got back into retro gaming a while back, I purchased a "Retro Duo" from Amazon for $40. It got good reviews and the controllers were the closest to actual SNES controllers I could fine.

It came and worked great, but I learned I thing...over the last 10 years or so, NES and SNES games have gotten expensive!!! Typically, $30-40 a pop for the classics.

So, life got busy again, no time to play, and I sold it all away for a tiny profit. But, I've decided that if I want to do some retro gaming in the future, it will be via the Wii/ Wii U's eShop.

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