Best 8 Bit Computers that Never Were

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Best 8 Bit Computers that Never Were

Postby scotland » July 14th, 2016, 7:01 pm

I know this is mostly a retro console crowd, but the 8 bit computers should not be dismissed.

Here is an article about home family computers that never were. The title is uses the word "PC", but I would not consider any of these 'PC's. Instead, its computers by TI, Tandy, Atari, Commodore, Apple and Mattel.

    * Texas Instruments TI99/8 - it made it to market due to Commodore and the 83 Crash
    * Apple IIgs "Mark Twain" - It never made market in 1991, in favor of Apple focusing on the Mac line
    * Mattel Aquarius II - also affected by the 1983 Crash. Europe got a small quantity
    * Atari 1450 XLD - also affected by the 1983 crash. Tramiel could have released it, but did not
    * Tandy Color Computer 4 - Only recently discovered as a shell mock up, it never made it past that point
    * Atari Microbox Falcon - A Falcon like 68030 computer, but Atari decided to focus on the Jaguar instead
    * Commodore 65 - There are working prototypes, but Commodore decided to focus on the Amiga

None of these probably would have changed much, but you never know. I think the Intellivision was both successful and different enough that I would have liked to have seen where Mattel would have gone in the 3rd console generation. That never happened, and the Aquarius would have been unlikely to succeed at that time.

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