Space Dungeon for the Atari 5200

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Space Dungeon for the Atari 5200

Postby Teddybear » May 29th, 2017, 11:12 am

How come after playing this game at least 500 times (likely a conservative estimate) that I still am no good at it? I have two fully-working joysticks and a sweet coupler but my highest level is only 10. I come into each room blasting away and on occasion get a little greedy in seeking additional treasures even when the exit is close by. I love this game but it owns me!

Question: The message before level 10 begins reads SORRY NO MORE RHYMES. Does this mean there are no more messages on the subsequent levels? I am starting to doubt that I'll ever be able to find out for myself! I would find it hard to believe that there was a unique message before each of the 99 levels. Is there?

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