Game Boy End Labels?

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Game Boy End Labels?

Postby VideoGameCritic » May 29th, 2017, 12:59 pm

I basically have all my Game Boy carts in a drawer, which makes it really hard to find anything. Does anybody have an organization ideas? Has anybody tried making end labels? That would be nice.

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Re: Game Boy End Labels?

Postby Retro STrife » May 29th, 2017, 1:50 pm

VideoGameCritic wrote:I basically have all my Game Boy carts in a drawer, which makes it really hard to find anything. Does anybody have an organization ideas? Has anybody tried making end labels? That would be nice.

When I started putting my gameroom together last fall, I did a ton of research into how to best display handheld systems and games. There was no simple solution anywhere, so it took a lot of discussions with fellow gamers, scouring Amazon for items to repurpose for the cause, and a little ingenuity. Below is a picture of part of my "portables shelf", which is what I eventually came up with. For displaying games, including Game Boy games, I used trays that are meant for around the kitchen, bathroom, etc., and they worked perfectly for me. For the second pic, I pulled them off the shelf so you could see them up close. Below the pics is a description of what I used and where to find them (I copied and pasted that from a post I made on the forums in January, so hopefully the links still work).

IMG_4839.jpg (70.8 KiB) Viewed 437 times

IMG_5523.jpg (118.25 KiB) Viewed 437 times

For displaying handheld systems, check out Rose Colored Gaming. Great site. They sell stands for many of the mainstream handheld systems, especially Nintendo systems. The stands are not pricey, although they add up quick if you get a bunch. I used their stands for many of my systems. Here's their link:

For systems not covered there (and for more cost-minded ppl), I highly recommend Gibson Holders. Check them out on Amazon. They make display holders for things like dishware, and even small ones specifically for electronics. When buying, I was stuck deciding which size to get. But now, trust me, the small version works great for nearly everything... everything from my N-Gage to my Lynx fits on the small displays. Here's the link for a 12-pack of the small stands:

Next up, displaying loose handheld cartridge games... First off, I really like these 3-tiered shelves by InterDesign, which I bought two of and used them for Game Gear games... it fits 3 rows of carts across and 3 down.. and the two shelves are holding over 50 games there, with room for much more. I think they fit 4 columns across for Game Boy. These plastic shelves are intended for the kitchen or jewelry, but I've repurposed them for gaming. Here's the link:

For loose handheld cartridges, I also highly recommend holders by US Acrylic on Amazon. InterDesign also makes some. Again, these are not made for games, but they work perfect. The trays are 3" wide, which is perfect for most handheld carts. They come in various lengths (3", 6", 9", or 12") depending on how many games you want in them. In my photo, I have GB games in a 9" tray, NGPC games in 6" trays, and GB Advance in a 3" tray. I'd avoid 12" trays as I think your games get more unwieldy at that point.. just go with two 6" trays for that many games. InterDesign also does a 3"x3" tray, which is just slightly spacier and slightly nicer looking. I used those for my R-Zone carts, because it fit one extra cart. (Side tip: These trays also work great for certain loose console games--I use them to display my loose TurboGrafx cards on one of my media shelves.) Here's some links:

Hope this helps. As for end labels, I think the carts are too small for that, so I just put them in alphabetical order and flip through them when I need a game.

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Re: Game Boy End Labels?

Postby TJ818 » May 29th, 2017, 3:20 pm

Not too sure how many you have, but I have seen people place them in Zippo Lighter Display Cases which is pretty neat. Would be cool for your favorite/rare Gameboy games for Display purposes.

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Re: Game Boy End Labels?

Postby gametime » May 29th, 2017, 7:43 pm

Cool display, Retro STrife.

I use a zip-up binder. Add sports card displays pockets ones with nine pockets per sheet. Atari Lynx and GameBoy games fit well in the pockets. Also keep extra Intellivision overlays in them as well. For manuals I look for the divided two pocket sheets.

Not good for display but it keeps the games secure and safe.

If you had the room, TJ818 idea would work well. Have seen old watch displays with turntables that work.

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