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Re: C64 mini

Postby noah98 » November 26th, 2018, 6:26 pm

scotland wrote:
noah98 wrote:I ordered one for Christmas, since $60 is a reasonable price. I know the included joystick has issues, but it is easily modded with a longer screw (see YouTube). I have a small usb drive already loaded with a bunch of games. I also have an ibuffalo usb snes controller that supposedly works well. A usb hub and keyboard should complete the setup.

This should be a fun novelty. I always feel like my original C64 is going to eventually die on me, so having one with hdmi will be nice.

I've had to go through a couple of C64 breadbox computers - the other C128 design seems more robust, but its not the nostalgic design. If you have a computer, you can do what this can already, but yeah - its a fun novelty. Not sure if I will get the updated version, but hopefully you can download a firmware update via the USB port.

I didn't know about the joystick mod, so thanks. I'll have to look for that.

I talked my way into "testing" my Christmas present. I downloaded the firmware from the website and put it on a 32gb Sandisk flash drive.


When I went to the system option in the front end, it immediately saw it and the update was easy. After that, I was able to load games from the flash drive.

For some games, like The Great Giana Sisters, you have to name the file so that the C64 mini knows to run in PAL mode. Just add _TP to the file, so Giana_TP.D64

For other games, like Bruce Lee, you need to let the mini know to use port 1 for the joystick, so add _J1 to the file, so BruceLee_J1.TAP

Use this guide for file naming:


The video quality was really nice, and I didn't notice any lag. I really like the frontend and all of the graphics options for things like scanlines. I also think the 64 games included are underrated.

Overall, I really like it. Well worth the $60. My iBuffalo snes usb pad worked after the update, so the joystick is less of a concern. I did attempt the mod on the included joystick. I had some problems, but did improve it somewhat in the end. I'll post my thoughts and advice on that soon!

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Re: C64 mini

Postby newmodelarmy » November 27th, 2018, 6:32 pm

The C-64 was my main gaming device when I was a kid in the 80's. Loved it! For whatever reason, I haven't tracked down a C-64 to relive those days. However, I did put this on my Christmas list so hopefully Santa (wife) is good to me. If not I will just get it myself after the holidays. Anyway, thanks for the information it was very helpful.

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