Gettin' Hip with the Atari 7800 Ep. 2: Impossible Mission

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Funkmaster V
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Gettin' Hip with the Atari 7800 Ep. 2: Impossible Mission

Postby Funkmaster V » October 25th, 2017, 8:41 pm

EPISODE TWO: Good Deal Games is releasing a beatable version of Impossible Mission... a game that was technically impossible for over 25 years due to a programming bug. Funkmaster V acquired one of these beatable fixes years ago and his wasted youth was finally avenged.. Tonight's challenge... can he defeat "Possible Mission" on his first attempt in years? "Do you believe in the Funk?"

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Re: Gettin' Hip with the Atari 7800 Ep. 2: Impossible Mission

Postby scotland » October 28th, 2017, 7:06 am

Greetings to the Funkmaster and his out of sight facial hair.

I am a big fan of Impossible Mission, although I played the Commodore 64 version. Due the puzzle piece challenge, its a hard game to beat even once you master the platforming portion. Fluid animation for its day. I like the simple escape and evasion gameplay too. Keeps you in the stealth mode mindset, long before Metal Gear Solid.

Nice Atari cartridge binder, by the way. I can dig the custom labels. Its a shame the 7800 version seems to lack the voice aspect - the opening 'stay awhile. Stay Forever' is a classic bit of 80s gaming. We also never get to hear what the evil villain has to say when he is finally beaten and found in his lair. Enquiring minds want to know!

My biggest comment is a tech challenge: once past the intro, I would rather you route the video through a video capture system directly and not film it. The colors were washed out, the angle was slightly odd, and since 60 minutes were of the screen, its lost its funky fineness. I know RF out makes direct capture a challenge though. I guess you can record on a VCR, or maybe a DVD recorder if it has a coax input. Better would be one of the AV composite out mods for the 7800, which then makes video capture a breeze. If you plan on more Atari 7800/2600 videos, that might be an option.

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