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Re: Obscure Systems

Posted: January 16th, 2018, 5:20 pm
by lynchie137
Just happened to stumble upon this while visiting this site and clicking on the "Show me a Random system" icon at the upper left corner on the web page. ... st=2&c=984

To me, it kind of looks a little bit like one of those Arcadia clone systems. Albeit a bit chunkier and heavier. It also looks as if the controllers are hard wired to the console itself as opposed to being detachable.

Re: Obscure Systems

Posted: January 18th, 2018, 11:53 am
by pacman000
While browsing AtariAge, someone mentioned a system called the Unisonic. I didn't remember it, so I looked it up. Unisonic was the manufacturer; the system's name was the Champion 2711. It used the same processor as the Intellivision, but it had a different graphics chip.

This site has a good overview of its features: ... eever.html

Here's a video:

Re: Obscure Systems

Posted: January 18th, 2018, 6:23 pm
by scotland
pacman000 wrote:While browsing AtariAge, someone mentioned a system called the Unisonic. I didn't remember it, so I looked it up. Unisonic was the manufacturer; the system's name was the Champion 2711. It used the same processor as the Intellivision, but it had a different graphics chip.

This site has a good overview of its features: ... eever.html

Here's a video:

I do have a Unisonic pong console. It looks very similar, all shiny and silver. The pong console is solid enough, and it has corded controllers with neat analog 360 degree controllers. The innovation allows pong games whete you can move the paddle off the back line and play the net, asit were.

I don't know this one you mention, but it looks like another change the chip consoles that certainly were overwhelmed by actual microprocessor consoles. I certainly wouldn't dis Unisonic for making it though. I like my pong console.

Re: Obscure Systems

Posted: January 25th, 2018, 5:01 am
by FusekiGames
scotland wrote:Thanks Fusemigames. I kept meaning to answer Sut's query, but I hadn't yet.

Also, those Video Pinball Units are not expensive, so if the resistor surgery doesn't pan out, maybe you can snag the woodgrain model.

The surgery should be successful, as I've tested it extensively, found the bad one, and got it to trigger by shorting it. I *would* like to grab a woodgrain model, though...

Re: Obscure Systems

Posted: February 28th, 2018, 1:29 pm
by pacman000 ... F-tA6v3QaM

Who remembers the Bandai Apple Pippin? A low-powered Mac in a console shell, marketed as a multimedia system around the same time the PS1 was released. Looks like it had some...interesting games.

Re: Obscure Systems

Posted: March 5th, 2018, 11:42 am
by pacman000
The Taito Wowow: ... ge=reviews

An unreleased system developed in 1992. I've been interested in it for awhile, probably because the name is fun to say. :D

Let's use Google to research it! Trying to find the earliest mention of in with the search-by-date feature brings us:

This 1997(?) Arabic rare video games page: Here's what it has to say:
Taito WoWoW (the beginning of development 1992 canceled in 1993) "The famous Japanese were dreaming of turning into a gaming equipment manufacturer, and K The company is competing with Nintendo to make the first home game device using CD-ROM technology. Taito's idea is slightly different from that of Nintendo. The first is that the device should be copied from the arcade instead of the game console Taito WoWoW is the first Japanese home entertainment device to be introduced with CD-ROM operating technology. The device was first discovered in 1992 and Nintendo was still developing a device Super Nintendo CD, Taito Corporation started the project in collaboration with JSB For home entertainment and the company ASCII to the ASCII and was presented at the Tokyo Games for the Games in 1992 with a package of arcade games. Taito and Wow was the first device using 16-bit CDs and is based on the base of the Arcid, was the strongest device of the 16-bit on The first device that comes with new possibilities such as the possibility of tracking games in terms of stop (without the use of a memory card) and the first device that can play video and work to connect with the television stations and cables of paid entertainment companies. The cancellation of the project in 1993, because of the inability of the company, "Taito" on The cost of manufacturing a superior device at that time and the high cost of CD-ROM technology also, Taito still retains the technical specifications of the device.

By 2000-2001 there was more info online: Very little info, but some nice pictures. Looks like Marriot Guy's site's from around the same time, tho it doesn't appear in the Wayback Machine till 2008: ... I'm guessing the 2000 dates are from Dark Watcher's reviews?

Something else interesting: ... to-Wow-Wow A Digital Press Thread where someone claims the system was test marketed, as an online-only system. He even claims to have bought one from Yahoo Japan! All sorts of crazy stories on the internet, so approach this with caution. Nothing at Yahoo Japan today: ... aK68tKQl-M

Just one more DP thread: ... Discovered! Claims that the released version was called the X-55 or the M-88. Also lists a few games. I'll have to do more research...

Re: Obscure Systems

Posted: March 5th, 2018, 12:40 pm
by pacman000
Actually, Taito M-88 brings up a few results:

Yahoo! Japan:

Another auction site?

Taito X-55 also seems to bring up some results:

X-55 Commercials:

Japanese Wikipedia Article: ... rev=search Apparently it was a Karaoke machine which downloaded songs from a network. It may have been ab;e to play games: "Also, not only karaoke but also the distribution of games (game land) and living information centering on taito games can also be browsed is the selling of products, catalogs and television commercials can also enjoy games and information on the basis of karaoke "Household multimedia communication karaoke" "Media box" was also stated."

The M-88 was an upgraded version. Lower price; faster modem. There was also a later version called the X-01, which had a DVD player.


Series model

X - 55 (released in December 1995) - the original machine
Mediabox M - 88 (released in 1996) - Price cut to 39,800 yen (excluding tax). The modem speeded up to 14,400 bps, and the communication time of one song was shortened to 35 seconds.
Mediabox X - 01 (released in 2002) - Modem speeds up to 56,000 bps downlink and 33,600 bps upstream. DVD drive installed (commercially available DVD software and video CDs can also be played). The number of registered Hachiharu (Ohko) function extended to 10 songs.

Mobile Karaoke

Mobile Karaoke SASA (released at the end of 1997) - Karaoke for cars developed by NTT DoCoMo . Connect to NTT DoCoMo mobile phone or car phone , and receive music data. Built-in FM transmitter . We need separate car navigation monitor and TV etc. The price is 115,000 yen. End of all services as of the end of September 2009, due to aging of communication facilities and difficult maintenance.


Large type with built-in amplifier speaker.

Mediabox Utamaru-kun M-88PLUS
Mediabox Utamaru-kun cassette M-99PLUS - Two compact cassette decks are built in. 99,800 yen (excluding tax).
Mediabox Utamaru-kun Party X-01PLUS - Compact cassette deck built in. 1000 songs included in the body that does not require communication are included.

Re: Obscure Systems

Posted: March 5th, 2018, 1:25 pm
by pacman000
Finally, here's an Unseen 64 article, where "Yukiharu Sambe, R&D manager of the unreleased Taito WOWOW" explains the system's history & its relation to the Karaoke systems. ... w-console/

Sadly, he says they no longer have the prototype console or any games. :(

Re: Obscure Systems

Posted: May 7th, 2018, 9:46 am
by pacman000
Denshi Manga Juku by Bandai

This was mentioned by a comment on MarriotGuy's site: ... age=d1990s

It's apparently handheld with an art/drawing focus. Has a touchscreen, came out a year or so before the ... ead.53227/ ... ign-master Translated: ... master.htm

Doesn't sound like much of a game system, but it does sound fun.

Re: Obscure Systems

Posted: May 16th, 2018, 4:26 pm
by lynchie137
Here's one that I just happened to find whilst browsing through this site during supper time. (had chili for those interested in the details) ... t=3&c=1093

Certainly a peculiar looking piece of hardware isn't it?