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Donkey Kong Record being Questioned

Posted: February 2nd, 2018, 5:54 pm
by scotland
VideoGameCritic wrote:Considering all the doctoring technology we have today, I'd give more credence to a 1982 polaroid!

I think you called it, Dave. Now its BIlly MItchell's Donkey Kong record (as made famous in the King of Kong documentary a few years ago). The claim is that he used MAME to set his personal best record, not the actual arcade machine.

From what I gather, Twin Galaxies removed his runs from the last verified (as in witness by a Twin Galaxies representative) run on an actual arcade machine in 2004. This means the record he set in the King of Kong documentary is no longer taken as valid.

Unlike the Dragster controversy though, Mitchell's score were possible, and in fact, his high score has been beaten. In an odd bit of irony, it seems like it was the documentary that brought in new contenders who have taken the top spots in the high score list now.

For records, I think it should be on original hardware (no genesis controllers there for Dragster), and with authorized witnesses. It may even have to be set at a convention, or other 'competition' site. Otherwise, its just setting a score in practice. The real deal is landing that triple axel in competition after all.