Atari 7800 Games....Food Fight, Joust and Commando

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Atari 7800 Games....Food Fight, Joust and Commando

Postby Teddybear » July 8th, 2018, 6:01 pm

One man's opinion:

1. I think Food Fight is the MOST overrated video game I've ever played. Boring game premise and little to no motivation to want to see all the levels (50 I think)....just a big yawn. B-/c+ at best

2. Joust just RULES on the 7800.......played with the Sega Genesis controller - just the best, most complete version. I love the 5200 and 2600 versions as well but the one glaring redemption (as the Critic does point out) of the 7800 is the BEST ports of many classic games. Joust for the Atari 7800 rocks!

3. Commando....This has been my OMG moment of the gaming summer. This games is loads of fun (my C-64 time begins in the summer of 1986) so I missed this the first chance I had. Awesome fun, so much shooting that my hand cramped USING A SEGA GENESIS controller with the Aladdin adapter....coming from an old gamer who could care or less about shooters....this game is a blast!

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Re: Atari 7800 Games....Food Fight, Joust and Commando

Postby AtariToday » July 8th, 2018, 9:38 pm

I love the 7800!

Glad you got the Edladdin adapter as it is a solid investment for any 7800 owner! I have mine hooked up to a sega genesis arcade power stick and switch it out with a standard genesis gamepad on occasion.

I don't share your opinion on Food Fight as it's one of my favorites. It might help to go in with the mindset of setting a high score instead of seeing all the levels..maybe. lol. I thought the premise was original/quirky and the extra touches like the instant replay were fun.

I DO share your opinion on Joust however. What an absolute gem. I probably play Joust just a bit more on my Atari XE computer but that's only due to the fact that my friend and I both own XE computers and a copy of this game, so we have frequent high score challenges. The 7800 version is amazing (so much better than the NES version in my opinion) and well worth getting the system just to play.

Commando is another rare example of the 7800 port outshining the NES version. So much fun and a real selling point to getting the Aladdin adapter as the original 7800 joystick wrecked my hands while playing this title.

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