$30 NES Challenge

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$30 NES Challenge

Postby JustLikeHeaven » November 12th, 2018, 3:05 pm

So let's say that you already own the essentials of your NES collection and you're looking to grab some games to round things out. If you only had $30 hypothetical dollars to spend, which games would you buy?

This was the most recent topic of my podcast Dracula's Arcade. You can find the episode here:

https://draculasarcade.podbean.com/e/th ... challenge/

It's also available on iTunes and Google Play Podcasts. If you like to listen on the go.

We had a friend of the show come on for the first time so three of us took the challenge and came up with three completely different ways to spend $30 on NES games. For my pricing I went on Ebay and checked most recent completed and sold listenings and went with the cheapest I could reasonable find. In the end I managed to nab four games that I think would be worthy of any NES collectors shelves. It was a fun experiment and I think it tells you quite a bit about a retro gamer and how they tend to buy games.

So what would you buy if you had to take the $30 NES Challenge?

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Re: $30 NES Challenge

Postby CharlieR » November 12th, 2018, 4:15 pm

I listened to this last night when I it downloaded to my iPod. Good listen. I enjoyed the snippet about the one guy not really caring about the n64.

This is an interesting experiment. I'd probably try to fit as many decent games as I could get in for $30, rather than getting one or two great ones.

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Re: $30 NES Challenge

Postby ThePixelatedGenocide » November 12th, 2018, 10:50 pm

https://www.pricecharting.com/console/n ... enre-name=

I played it like these were the only games I'd own, just to add more of a challenge. Isn't that the way most people played this game when the system was still on store shelves?

So, the first choice was Solar Jetman. Between the intense gravity and the narrow passageways, it's insanely hard, but in a good way, with a constant risk vs. reward cycle. Especially when you leave the ship...

It'll also teach me how to master the d-pad. Add in the catchy chip tunes, and It's a steal at under $4.

Next up is the combination of Rad Racer and RoadBlasters. One's a scenic Outrun clone, the other one allows me to shoot traffic. It's the perfect zen garden, for just under $9.

And to finish off the list of cheap thrills, Lunar Pool. I have no idea how I'm getting one of the best puzzle games ever made for just $3. But now's the time to buy it, before Youtube discovers it.

4 games, for just 16 dollars. This is going better than I thought.

My most expensive game is Ultima: Quest of the Avatar. Despite the turn based strategy, punishing resource management, and heavy grinding to the point where most modern gamers consider it unplayable... it's the closest thing to a modern sandbox game, with a wide open world to explore and a morality system that goes beyond pure good and pure evil. Sure, you can still murder all the NPCs when you're bored and want to test the local enforcement, but what does it really mean to be good? Sometimes, ideals conflict, and which ones you choose under pressure will define you...

And that's just the character select screen. It's worth paying $13 for the deepest game in the library.

So, that's it! My only regret is not buying an action platformer (Wrath of the Black Manta was tempting), but that's more than covered if we've got all the system staples. These 5 should keep me satisfied until Christmas, at least.

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Re: $30 NES Challenge

Postby JustLikeHeaven » November 13th, 2018, 12:25 pm

Good call on Solar Jetman! It's such a cheap game, but oh so rewarding for people willing to put in the time and learn it's intricacies. Love it. It was on my short list and I was mad I forgot to mention it on the Podcast.

Here were my picks and prices for those wondering:

Clash at Demonhead ($12.50) - I think this is a rock solid, action/adventure, 2D platformer that never gets the attention it deserves. I chose it because it's a nice long adventure and for the price you get quite a bit of value. I also chose it because I like weird games! Fans of Castlevania, Bionic Commando, Mega Man etc... should own this one.

Solomon's Key ($7.50) - The NES is home to quite a few "action puzzle" games and this one is a favorite of mine. The single screen levels offer deep challenges and the game is quite hard to master. Still when you finally move forward and complete a previously impossible stage it feels so good.

Rad Racer ($4.75) - I agree with PixelatedGenocide on this pick. I'm a huge fan of Outrun and this NES clone is incredibly enjoyable. The sense of speed is great, the challenge is high, the music makes you nod along, and you can play the whole thing in 3D if you're feeling a little crazy.

Ice Hockey ($5.00) - The single best hockey game on the NES! Come at me Blades of Steel fans! I wanted an addictive two player game and this game is one of my all time favorites in that regard. The upbeat music, the ability to customize your team, and the intensity of two player matches makes this an easy pick for me.

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