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Simon Says Atari Touch Me

Postby Mr SQL » March 23rd, 2019, 6:08 am


Play online: ... EEN_MODE=1

Simple Instructions:

Players - use the arrow keys/joystick to move.
Computer Opponent - Press the button/spacebar for the computer to go.
TouchMe Assistant - Press the button/spacebar anytime for help.

0 if g=0 or SWCHB|254<>255 then for g=0 to119:virtualworld(g)=255:j=g+120:virtualworld(j)=0:i=g/12:NUSIZ1=3 else goto 2
1 rowcolors(i)=g:next g:for i=0 to 7:player1(i)=pl(i):player0(i)=pl(i):next i:scrollvirtualworldtoggle=1:p=120:s=0:rem5A
2 if joy0fire=1 and s=0then s=RND(f)+127 else t=1-t:SUSTAINFORFRAMES=SUSTAINFORFRAMES+t:remSimonSaysTouchMe!AtariVCSPlay
3 if f>29then f=0:r=SWCHA:player0x=player0x+1:player0y=player0y+t else f=f+1:vwpixel(x,y,bindplayer1):goto9:remMoreGames
4 if s>0then e=p+1:r=virtualworld(e):NUSIZ0=5 else NUSIZ0=0:data pl 24,60,60,28,4,5,7,6:rem at!!
5 if r=0then r=s:data RND 0,96,0,64,112,96,0,112,0,96,64,96,96,112,64,96,0,112,64,64,0,0,64,96,0,112,0,112,64,0,0:rem AI
6 if r=239 or r=223then SUSTAINFORFRAMES=15:j=r^239:AUDC1=12:AUDF1=r:COLUBK=0:p=p+1:x=8:y=j/6:COLUP1=r-y:AUDC0=1:AUDF0=r
7 if r=127 or r=191 then SUSTAINFORFRAMES=15:j=197-r:AUDC0=4:COLUBK=0:p=p+1:y=4:x=j/5:COLUP1=j:AUDF0=x*2:AUDC1=7:AUDF1=x
8 if virtualworld(p)=0 and p>120 then virtualworld(p)=r:COLUBK=$62:j=p-121:vwpixel(j,9,flip):p=120:s=0:rem BASIC is Fun!
9 if virtualworld(p)<>r and r<>255 and p>120then AUDF1=31:AUDC1=3:COLUP1=0:SUSTAINFORFRAMES=19:p=120:rem For Everyone!:)

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