Component cables for old systems

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Re: Component cables for old systems

Postby Alucard1191 » June 3rd, 2019, 5:53 pm

Two things: Flat screen CRT? I thought that by nature a CRT had a curved screen.

And question two: Scart cables. I've done a bit of research for them and from what I'm seeing that is a European thing? They are much cheaper than other options, but they look weird and I'm simply not sure I understand how they work.

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Re: Component cables for old systems

Postby Rev » June 3rd, 2019, 6:43 pm

A simple way of thinking about SCART cables is that they are a method of getting true RGB picture quality out of your game consoles. They are fairly close (honestly probably a little better video quality) than Component cables.The nice part is a lot of older consoles (even though they are from the U.S.) already support SCART cables without you needing to do anything.

However, if you are a NTSC gamer you would need a method to utilize these hookups. A lot of gamers who own a framemeister will utilize SCART cables to get the best possible output for their old consoles. I have a SCART switcher and 8 consoles hooked up via SCART. Basically, I turn my framemeister on, switch to RGB mode, and turn on any of the 8 consoles and it will immediately boot up. I also have noticed very minimal lag through the framemeister, compared to other options like the Retron 5.

The only other comparable options for as good or better picture quality to this method, would be a component cables, an HDMI mod for your console that offers upscaling options, or to buy something like the Analogue game consoles, which are built to support HDMI output. I have found that consoles that output to 240 look amazingly good through SCART + the framemeister. Like crazy good. The HDMI mod is available for the NES but honestly the picture quality looks nearly identical to my current However, i think as time goes by there are going to be more and more HDMI mods/high quality clone consoles and if you want to go that route, you could do that instead.

Even if you are looking for a CRT, there are methods to utilize SCART cables with NTSC televisions but you would need to do some research.

The HD Retrovision component cables are a great option for CRTs that support component and for those with a modern tv + framemeister. Component switchers are also available however they are getting rarer. Component are very similar to the video quality of SCART, although I personally think high quality SCART looks a tad bit better.

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Re: Component cables for old systems

Postby JWK » June 12th, 2019, 3:10 pm

Alucard1191 wrote:Two things: Flat screen CRT? I thought that by nature a CRT had a curved screen.

Just real quick, CRTs were curved through the 90s, but early 2000’s saw most companies release flat screen CRTs. While I enjoy the look of curved CRTs— it’s also true that many game developers designed their 80s and 90s retro games to be viewed on a curved screen— those older sets don’t have component inputs. The Genesis, for example, has notoriously awful composite video quality but looks absolutely clear and stunning through component cables. As such, I use 2005 - 2007 Sony trinitron CRTs and they’re all flat screens. If you’re curious, flat CRTs also work very well with light guns and the accuracy is spot on.

And REAL quick on Scart: I personally don’t like to do mods to my consoles and the set up for Scart/RGB for those of us not in Europe is a hassle. I stick with component for every system that supports it and everything looks amazing.

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