Top 10 levels in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

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Top 10 levels in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

Postby Zack Burner » July 30th, 2019, 10:30 am

I love the Sly Cooper Games, but even after several playthroughs, even though Sly 2 has the better gameplay and storyline, I still think the first one is the most magical and memorable of the 3 I have. Without further ado let me make amends by what….creating a top 10 list of the most memorable levels of the first game, boss levels will be included as well and there will be ties at times as well.

10. Police Headquarters
This is where it all starts, where you get the funny interactions between Sly and Bentley, where Bentley gives you instructions to progress through, to your first interaction between Sly and his crush Carmelita, to her pursuing you, you’re off to a great start.

9. Last Call
Raleigh was a pushover, but Muggshot gives you a bit of a challenge since you can’t whack him to damage him, instead you have to hit the mirrors to direct light into the domes so his gun gets destroyed. Fun and original, even if it doesn’t make any lick of sense, and as an added bonus, the interactions between Sly and Muggshot before and after the fight will have you chuckling for sure.

8. Burning Rubber
The two racing stages prior to this were fun, though broken and frustrating, this one makes up for it all as a Murray stage as you collect computers while ramming off the Fire Slugs. Make sure you ram off the Slugs before you collect, otherwise you;ll get frustrated for sure.

7. Flaming Temple of Flame
Of the levels in Fire in the Sky this one is the most memorable of the bunch giving off the oriental flair with all the sliding, whacking, sneaking, and climbing, it all blends in perfectly. Who could forget the monkeys training with nunchuks?

6. A Deadly Dance
Time for an original boss fight! While some like this, some don’t, you can’t help but feel a little sense of originality in this level as you dodge those symbols Mz. Ruby throws at you. It was a start of the rhythm minigames the series is famous for.

5. Two to Tango/Duel by the Dragon
You want chases? Got you covered with these two levels! Carmelita, the relentless pursuer who won’t stop until Sly is behind bars all makes up for not one but two exciting levels! From jumping between rooftops to launching the fireworks these two have it all.

4. A Cunning Disguise
Every thief needs a disguise and this level gives you that. From eluding the search lights to providing you cover with what else a barrel, this level really gives you that thief/spy feel.

3. Flame-Fu!
The Panda King is arguably my favorite member of the Fiendish Five, from his voice to his attacks and this level, though relatively easy, is a blast from start to finish. From dodging his fireballs, to listening to his awesome attacks we’ll never get tired of hearing so say it all with me “Booming Chop!” “Palms of Thundah!” “Fiery Wheel!” Don’t forget his honorable closing quote: “Your skill with the cane is unparalleled”

2. A Daring Rescue/Bentley Comes Through/A Temporary Truce
This runner-up proved to be difficult as all three of these are necessary. One showing Sly’s willingness to go out of his way to save and get close to the foxy lady cop he loves, Bentley finally getting his opportunity to shine (if difficult), to your opportunity to actually play as Carmelita defending Sly so he can get his cane, these three you’ll remember for sure.

1. A Strange Reunion
Everything you’ve all worked and struggled with in this short but hard game all boils down to this epic final confrontation with Clockwerk. Nothing like a good jetpack battle up above a volcano fighting a fierce opponent with some truly epic music to make you feel like your in a B-movie, plus Clockwerks notorious taunts. But it’s after two rounds of jetpack battling it’s where you drop down to finish off Clockwerk that really tests your skills as you try to reach for his head. Won’t be easy, but I guarantee that once you accomplish the job you will stand proud and mighty, now that you’ve avenged Sly’s father and reclaimed his birthright.

Honarable Mentions:
- Eye of the Storm
- Unseen Foe
- Lair of the Beast
- Descent into Darkness
- Straight to the Top
- High Class Heist
-Piranha Lake

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