Dreamcast Light Gun Issues

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Re: Dreamcast Light Gun Issues

Postby JWK » January 15th, 2020, 1:02 am

I can tell you that the official JP Dreamcast lightguns by Sega are excellent. In terms of accuracy and feel, they have to be up there with the Saturn stunner and the Namco GunCon 1 and 2.

It may seem like this isn’t helpful information, but it’s not too steep an investment to get a gun or two and a Japanese console. (The gun peripheral is region locked I believe because of Columbine and Sega May have been shy to have a product with their name on it usable on NA Dreamcasts). It’s also helpful to know that all the voice acting in House of the Dead 2 is STILL IN ENGLISH! There was also a retail release of Virtua Cop 2 in Japan and also completely playable without knowing Japanese. (This is also available on a Sega compilation with a bunch of Genesis games in the US, but you’re back to your original problem with the unreliable NA guns). I believe Confidential Mission is also playable without knowledge of Japanese, but I don’t own it so I can’t say for sure. The guns are around $30 or so, even if you opt to get the original box. House of the Dead JP will cost you around $5 CIB and the console shouldn’t be more than $45 or so, especially if you get the console only without hookups or a controller.

I have 2 lightguns and my JP Dreamcast is hooked up via VGA to a really nice CRT computer monitor. As I said the guns are really accurate and fun to use. It also opens up the possibility of playing JP only Dreamcast games like Capcom vs SNK 2 and Ikaruga without doing the disc swap or using Game Shark, etc. I know there are workarounds for the non-lightgun games to be played on a NA console, but as you probably well know, some JP peripherals simply won’t be recognized without a JP console. Just FYI on all this info.

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