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Championship Lode Runner for C-64

Posted: November 19th, 2019, 6:34 am
by Teddybear
Any help on getting past the first board? After grabbing all the available gold, I assume it has to do with getting the two zombies to follow you down to grab the two last pieces at the middle-bottom trap (thus having the ladder reveal itself).

I am a longtime Lode Runner player (this Thursday I set my all-time high getting to level 36) so while not a HOF'er I am a somewhat adequate player.

I remember reading the Championship Lode Runner game review in Electronic Games magazine back in the mid-80's claiming that even expert players would have a severe problem with the Championship edition. More interestingly, I am surprised that this game has no mention on Lemon.

Any assistance, links, etc would be welcomed....after 100 games it is starting to affect my ego that I can't even get past the first level.............

Re: Championship Lode Runner for C-64

Posted: November 19th, 2019, 8:43 am
by Retro STrife
No advice here, unfortunately. But I do agree with you that the game is ridiculously hard. A copy of Championship Lode Runner came with my Apple IIe that I bought a few years ago. I knew nothing about the game, and figured it was just a normal sequel to Lode Runner. I had no idea that it was a punishingly difficult version. But after deciding that I sucked at the game (i.e., I couldn't beat the first level either), I looked it up online and realized everyone sucks at it, since that's the whole point of the game. Personally, that kind of punishing game is not my thing, so I moved on quickly and haven't looked back. Oregon Trail.. now that's more my speed.

Have you tried Youtube videos? That's always my first stop when I get stuck these days. This one looks like it might help: