Atari Max Flash carts

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Re: Atari Max Flash carts

Postby LuckyWDFN » July 22nd, 2020, 8:02 pm

LOL snakeboy, I can't figure out the benefit to the MyIDE-II flash cartridge as opposed to the cartridge programmer and I own a cartridge programmer :lol: . I'm stumped, but it's not that difficult to stump me about stuff like this.

I had all the same questions VGC had when I originally was going to purchase the cartridge programmer. I was even unsure of how the darn thing worked AFTER I saw YouTube reviews & demos. Atarimax Founder S Tucker was kind enough answer my questions but had a way of making it seem even more complicated than it actually was. I took a leap of faith and bought the thing and figured it out. In my review link a few posts back, I really try to clarify and simplify the process as much as I can and the pics in that article show you the process of how it all looks before, during and after.

In a nutshell... It's easy and works well and the software is affordable. The downside (or where they "get you") is that you have to shell out $$$ for the 8mbit programmable carts. If you buy 5 blank carts PLUS the software, you're out about $160 (1 blank cart PLUS the software would only save you about $50 but you can always re-program that 1 cart endlessly). I love Atari 8-bit stuff and filled my carts with tons of games from an epic library so it was worth it to me. The carts themselves are very well-made.

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Re: Atari Max Flash carts

Postby Cafeman » July 22nd, 2020, 11:00 pm

VideoGameCritic wrote:I have a masters in Comp Sci and I can't make heads or tails out of that page.

Isn't there something like a Harmony cart for the Atari XE where you can just copy ROMs to it without having to install software?

Maybe you are more interested in an SD card solution. ... te-sd-cart

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Re: Atari Max Flash carts

Postby VideoGameCritic » July 23rd, 2020, 11:32 am

Thanks Cafeman - I think this might be more my speed.

As usual the web site is not very informative. Does this cart take an SD card, or is it built in? There's a strange port on the back. I don't know what kind of cable that would take.

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Re: Atari Max Flash carts

Postby Cafeman » July 23rd, 2020, 3:49 pm

I can't answer the questions, you'd get good responses if you posted your questions on the AA Atari 8bit forum though. Maybe there is already an existing thread. But anyway, several people at AA have mentioned buying the Brewing Academy Ultimate cart.

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